Ben Warren Explains: Why BePure One Is Your All-In-One Multivitamin

BePure was founded 10 years ago by leading clinical nutritionist, Ben Warren. When working with clients one on one he discovered they weren’t getting the nutrients they needed from diet alone. He found our food wasn’t as nutrient dense as it used to be, but why was this? Ben began researching the quality of our soils in modern day farming and found they were incredibly depleted in key nutrients. Less nutrients in our soils, means less nutrients in our food, resulting in a nutrient depleted person.

On top of this, we’re living in an age where daily pressures compound to increased stress. The more heightened our stress levels, the faster we use our precious nutrient stores, and the more nutrients we need.

When asked by an enthusiastic client whether a product existed to meet all our baseline nutritional needs, Ben realised there was not, and so BePure One was born. Aptly named BePure ‘One’, it is the one stop shop for all the nutrients that we’re unable to get from diet alone. Made with the highest quality, most bioavailable form available and amount needed to meet our recommended daily nutritional intake.

What is BePure One formulated with?

Formulated with over 50 high-quality ingredients, this ultimate multi packs in our daily nutrient needs. It shouldn’t surprise you that the daily dose is five capsules for adults and two capsules for 6 -12 year olds. It would be simply impossible to squeeze this much nutrition into one capsule.

Ben first became passionate about nutrition and its place in the maintenance of health when he overhauled his nutrition after he experienced a serious health condition. Ever since, he has made it his mission to support others with the benefits of considered nutrition and lifestyle techniques.

When completing a Master's in Nutrition, Ben discovered it was incredibly challenging to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone. Most of us assume that if we eat our 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables a day then we are doing all that we need to. What we don’t consider is how modern farming practices lead to nutrient-depleted soil, picked-and-chilled produce that starts losing its nutritional potency as soon as it’s harvested, and not eating locally or seasonally. So, it’s not surprising that so many of us are deficient in major vitamins and minerals.

What about NZ's soils? 

New Zealand has a reputation for being clean and green, rugged and pure. But we’re also a young country which means our soil is still developing and therefore not as abundant in nutrients as it could be. Because our little country exists on the Alpine Fault, we get a lot of our nutrients from volcanic rock beds which are abundant in carbon. This carbon produces growth, but doesn’t necessarily mean we will have all the micronutrients we need.

The main nutrient deficiencies in New Zealand are:  IodineSeleniumZincChromium, and Boron. In a perfect environment, the roots of the plant extend deep into the ground, growing in nutrient-rich soil, and absorbing the vitamins and minerals from it. When the soil is not rich because it’s regularly turned over and not well-maintained, we get vegetables with less nutritional value.

The issue of soil depletion isn't unique to New Zealand alone. While studying nutrition Ben became aware of the nature of global soils and how the general population is lacking nutrition they think they're getting.

What vitamins and minerals are found in BePure One?

This is where BePure One comes in. It is scientifically designed from nature to replenish our nutrient stores. It boasts essential vitamins and minerals including  Vitamins A, BCDE, and Kmagnesiumcalciumselenium, and iodine to name only a few.

It’s not enough that these nutrients are simply in these capsules. To harness their full benefits, they need to be absorbed easily by our bodies. This is why  BePure One provides you with these ingredients in their highest quality bioavailable form so our bodies can easily use them to support cell regeneration and great health. Additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are included with a raw, organic, green base, making BePure One the ultimate, all-in-one, daily multi to support your body to function at its best every day.

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Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet. 
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