Taking care of ourselves with daily self-care rituals is something we’re big about, and for good reason. A simple routine is a sure way to start every day right. And while we all like a bit of luxury sometimes, these low-cost bathroom basics are loved by our thriftiest customers who have really done their research… you might even have enough left over for a second savvy skin-treat.

Weleda Skin Food Original

Weleda Skin Food Original 30ml $11.40

Since launching in 1926, this low-cost iconic green tube has been loved by many. The best thing about  Weleda Skin Food is its versatility. On top of being used as a cuticle cream or as a nourishing sleep mask, it’s terrific for dry or hardworking hands that need extra hydration. Enriched with organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to soothe skin where it’s needed most.

“Amazing! Very high-quality concentrated skin cream for a great price, you can use as an eye cream, face night mask/treatment (I heat it, so it melts a bit and is easier to spread) or for dry hands, feet & elbows. Would not be without it now.” - Jules

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Hurraw Raspberry Tinted Lip Balm

Hurraw Raspberry Tinted Lip Balm 4.8gm $6.90

For a ‘Zoom-ready’ look, this subtle naturally-coloured lip balm uses a silky, smooth vegan formulation to nourish, hydrate and soothe dry lips. The ingredients are 73% certified organic and include jojoba oil, coconut oil and meadowfoam oil. Unlike pots of lip balm which result in sticky hands,  Hurraw’s Raspberry Tinted Lip Balm uses an oval design that’s ergonomic for lips and easy to use. 

“Hurraw are my absolute favourite, Collecting most flavours. I am very fair and it just enhances your natural lip colour.” - Daisy

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Dr Bronner's Lavender Liquid Soap

Dr Bronner's Lavender Liquid Soap 237ml $19.70

If you’ve never tried castile soap (a type of soap made with vegetable oils, free from animal fat), start with Dr Bronner’s. From skin, body and hair care to general household cleaning, this gentle cleansing product can be used in 18 different ways – all in just one simple bottle.  Dr. Bronner's use 100% postconsumer recycled bottles for their products and they’re passionate about Fair Trade – supporting the people who grow their ingredients. 

“I absolutely love this product. I use it as my shower soap, add a few drops to laundry in place of fabric conditioner and put some in bucket of water when I’m wiping anything down. It’s quite concentrated so lasts quite a while. I highly recommend it.” - Margaret

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Holistic Hair Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set

Holistic Hair Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set 2 x 50ml $18.20

Heading away for the weekend?  Holistic Hair Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set comes in a convenient 50ml travel size. Made with soothing Lavender and Apple Cider Vinegar to purify the follicle to help restore your scalp’s normal pH balance. The lightweight conditioner is packed with Evening Primrose, Chamomile & Palmarosa, providing vitality and shine for healthy, beautiful hair. 

“This suits my "struggling" hair beautifully. So gentle and safe that I am very happy with the results and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive hair.” - Shirley

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Aotearoad Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant

Aotearoad Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant 55gm $11.90

If you’re looking to make the switch to natural deodorant then try Aotearoad. The distinctive cardboard tube packaging houses a beautifully fragranced and vegan-friendly deodorant stick that works to provide long lasting protection from odour-causing bacteria. The plastic free packaging is easy to use and as with all  Aotearoad products, it’s handmade here in New Zealand. Not sure where to start with natural deodorant? Our Naturopath tried and tested 19 best sellers, so you can make a healthy choice your pits will love.

“I love this deodorant, after using the same deodorant for many years I started using this as I was looking for a more eco product (less plastic packaging). This is wonderful!” - Ana

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Trilogy Rosehip Roller

Trilogy Rosehip Roller 10ml $13.60

This roller is super convenient to use. Featuring nourishing rosehip oil, apply to the eye and lip area for a cooling sensation that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – or roll onto other places on the body that you’d like to tend to, like stretchmarks and scars. This Certified Organic Rosehip oil by  Trilogy is famously used by celebrities around the world to support a beautiful and healthy complexion. 

"I used to spend exorbitant amounts of money on high end products until I discovered Trilogy which I believe make even better-quality products without the king hit to my wallet… I've now got several friends who love this product too" - C Stewart*

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Absolute Essential Purify Hand Sanitiser

Absolute Essential Purify Hand Sanitiser (Organic) 50ml $13.20

Carrying Hand Sanitiser everywhere we go has certainly become the new normal, but what happens when they leave your hands dry or irritated? Natural formulas like this one from local brand Absolute Essential is a delightful option that’s sure to be your next favourite. Skin soothing aloe vera protects and nourishes the skin while 60% certified organic Ethanol meets hospital specified safety standards. What’s more, the zingy-fresh citrus, mint and eucalyptus essential oil blend not only smells great but also works well to effectively kill germs and bacteria while you’re out and about. 

"No more dry hands and it smells nice too. The size makes it very convenient to keep in my handbag for use at any time. Highly recommended." - Vicki

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Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic

Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic 100ml $17.90

Whether you have a sensitive scalp or are looking for an option to support bleached or permed hair, Weleda’'’  Weleda’s Revitalising Hair Tonic is just what you need. Formulated with rosemary oil, stonecrop and horseradish extract to help improve nutrient supply to your roots, strengthen your hair shaft, soothe your scalp and keep hair looking lush and conditioned. This non-oily tonic can be massaged into the scalp morning and night, while the rosemary scent leaves your hair smelling wonderful. 

"Lovely herbal smell. My hair definitely looks happier since using it. And my scalp is loving me for it." - Nadine

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Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm Mini

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm Mini $16.90

Prone to dry skin or chapped lips? We know the feeling. This beautiful balm makes a wonderful addition to any household and offers plenty of benefits to our skin. From grazes and  sunburn, to blemishes and sore muscles, it’s an all-rounder for everyday use. It’s also fantastic to use after shaving or on your little one’s skin. This Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm Mini is formulated with Australian tea tree and New Zealand totara, as well as calendula, chamomile and vinanza grape to support happy, healthy skin.

"This product is a must for the whole family. I use saviour balm on every little bump and rash and my partner uses it on his hands when they are dry and cracked." - Charlie

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BioHoney Natural Vitamin E Cream - With Collagen

BioHoney Natural Vitamin E Cream - With Collagen $18.30

BioHoney’s Natural Vitamin E Cream works to deeply restore moisture balance and hydration to dry or tired skin. Featuring mānuka honey MG300+ and an abundance of skin-loving nutrients like avocado oil, apricot kernel oil and evening primrose oil to support healthy, soft skin. This gentle formula is rich in collagen which is especially wonderful for supporting skin elasticity and firmness. Add under your favourite foundation or concealer to create a smooth and flawless base for your everyday.

"I like this product as it doesn't feel greasy, and it absorbs really well. Would purchase again." - Sandra

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*review has been shortened.

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