We sat down with Liz McNamara, Natural Health Expert, to answer your questions about our Food and Drink range.

What Healthy Food & Drink products do you stock across your range?

Our Healthy Food & Drink range features delicious extras to bump up your everyday nutrition.

We’ve got all your old favourites including:

And we’ve introduced a bunch of new choices we think you’ll love including:

We’re adding 100s of delicious new products every month. We hope you love it as much as we do.

What do you look for in your products/brands?

We're pretty picky with what we stock, because like you, we want access to healthy choices that are made using only the highest-quality ingredients, backed by social and environmental values.

We look for products that could be:

  • Nutrient-dense,
  • Wholefood,
  • Clean,
  • Functional,
  • Organic OR
  • Raw

From brands that are:

  • Doing their bit for our planet
  • Made in NZ or ethically globally
  • Providing dietary alternatives like keto or vegan, gluten-free or FODMAPS friendly

Our Healthy Food & Drink range has your needs and the health of our planet in mind.

Why don’t you stock fresh produce?

Unfortunately, there’s some products we’re unable to currently stock – such as fresh produce. That doesn’t mean we won’t always be able to stock these items and we are continually exploring our options to understand what’s possible with our unique Golden Bay location, so we can offer more products you love.

I’d love to see more - how can I request a product?

Thanks for your support! We’re always looking for ways to make our range even better.

We’d love to hear what products you want to see. Fill out this request a product form and our Product Research Team will look into it.

Through supporting us you’re not only supporting your health and wellbeing, but your support for our range, supports our reach.

The more awesome products and brands we get to take on, the more important work we get to do in our backyard. Important work like restoring biodiversity through our Nature Trust is only possible thanks to your support. So thanks for being here and supporting us.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

We love that eco-friendly packaging is important to you. From day one we’ve been mindful to minimise our day-to-day impact on the planet. In 2018, we kicked off our commitment to eliminating outbound plastic from our supply chain, and we’ve invested in eco-friendly recyclable paper for your orders.

We’re encouraging all our supplier partners to choose eco-friendly packaging that best support their products. You can shop by brands that care about eco-friendly packaging by looking out for the “Mindful Brands” badge on their product. You’ll then be able to tell whether they meet our Eco Packaging Mindful Value.

How can I pick products based on my dietary needs and lifestyle choices?

We have 40+ filters so you can shop by your dietary needs, lifestyle choices or values. Simply tick the ‘Specialties’ filters next to the products and categories you’re interested in, and you can shop by what’s important to you.


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