Have you heard about Cordyceps yet? It’s a fascinating fungus and a super popular natural supplement. Known as the ‘Energy Mushroom’.

Cordyceps has had plenty of attention lately with the HBO series based on‘The Last of Us’ game - but don’t worry – it’s not dangerous or gruesome in real life. Quite the opposite, it’s good for you.

Go-to supplements for every lifestyle:

  1. Cordyceps capsules
  2. Cordyceps powder
  3. Cordyceps blend
  4. Cordyceps coffee

So, who buys Cordyceps?

Most adults can take Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps sinensis/militaris), it’s best for:

  • Athletes – especially for endurance or strength-based training
  • Busy people – for daily energy and vitality 
  • Gamers– because of the novelty and for energy support
  • For immune health – beta glucans for daily protectionand recovery from ills
  • For gut health – high in polysaccharides for a thriving microbiome 
  • For sexual health – traditionally used by males, but anyone can take it

It’s been used in traditional Tibetan practice for over 500 years. Traditionally it was (and still is) used for energy, kidney health, and male sexual health – especially libido and performance.

How do Cordyceps work?

Cordyceps benefits come from its special compounds, polysaccharides (including cordyceptin - the most studied one) Beta glucans, antioxidants, sterols and adenosine. Functional mushrooms are also rich in vitamins and minerals too, so they make a great tonic.

What are Cordyceps good for?

  • Energy support
  • Athletic performance and endurance
  • Sexual function and stamina
  • Immune response 
  • Cell health 

Are Cordyceps safe?

It’s generally suitable for most adults to take. If you’re taking medication, it’s best to check for potential interactions before you start taking it. Because there are no studies yet, it’s best to avoid taking while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Cordyceps: cultivated vs wild

The fascinating thing about Cordyceps is that the wild harvested type (Cordyceps you won't find stocked on our shelves) comes from a caterpillar. Massive popularity and over-harvesting mean both the caterpillar and Cordyceps are endangered in the wild - so these days, Cordyceps are cultivated using a plant-based growing medium. So, you’re making an environmentally friendly choice when you buy Cordyceps supplements at HealthPost.

When to take Cordyceps?

There’s no research on the best time of day– but they support energy, so it makes sense to take them in the morning. With or without food – whatever is easiest.

They look a bit like a charcoal matchstick and taste a lot like savoury yeast – with a surprisingly nutty, mild flavour. Try sprinkling the powder over savoury dishes like stir fry, soup or roast kumara.

Which Cordyceps is best?

Check out these best-selling Cordyceps supplements, with something to suit every lifestyle.

Natures Sunshine Cordyceps

Best Cordyceps capsules

Nature's Sunshine Cordyceps

  • Top customer-rated product for energy and immune support
  • Convenient capsule to kickstart your day
  • Start by taking three capsules daily, increase the dose on busy days
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Misty Day Plant Potions Coedyceps

Best Cordyceps powder

Misty Day Plant Potions Cordyceps Extract

  • Dual extracted to yield more beneficial compounds
  • Stylish, eco glass jar– great for re-use
  • Mild nutty flavour – sprinkle on soup, salad or veggie bake

Top tip: Cordyceps is heat stable, making it super versatile. Mix it into your morning brew, comforting hot cacao, baking or evening meal.

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Flow State Chaga Lions

Best Cordyceps blend

Flow State Reishi Chaga Lions Mane Cordyceps Four Blend

  • Functional mushroom blend for whole-body wellness
  • Support both physical energy and mental clarity
  • This tin has a whopping 80 servings – so it’s excellent value
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Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee

Best Cordyceps coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix Defend

  • A perfect energy pairing - Cordyceps and coffee
  • Great flavour – tastes like coffee rather than mushroom
  • Easy single sachets for on-the-go
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Did you know: Mushroom Coffees are great when you’re trying to reduce your caffeine but still want the jumpstart your morning – they tend to be lower in caffeine but still offer a morning energy hit without the caffeine crash.

Whether you want to kickstart your day, power through your workout, support your immune system, or cell health and sexual vitality – Cordyceps is a great addition to your day.

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