Naturopath Q&A: All you need to know about Flora Restore

Naturopath shares all you need to know about Clinicians Flora Restore

After a trusty favourite that’ll help support normal bacterial and yeast levels?  Clinicians Flora Restore is a research-based probiotic for women’s bladder and vaginal balance.

Our Naturopath and Medical Herbalist Rebecca answers common questions about this bestseller, along with healthy tips and nourishing choices to pair alongside so you can stay balanced.

Question 1: How long does Flora Restore work?

Answer: Great question. Flora Restore is a probiotic so give it 1-2 weeks - but be patient as it will depend on the status of your microbiome balance, and other things like the length of time you’ve had issues, antibiotic use, your stress levels and alcohol.

These factors can mean that it might take a little longer, also if you look after your stress levels, and watch your alcohol intake you’ll get the best out of your supplement.

Question 2: Is there a good time of day to take Flora Restore?

Answer: There is no specific research on the best time of day to take probiotics like Flora Restore. Clinicians recommend this probiotic with food, but it’s not crucial. The most important thing is to take them at a convenient time – so you remember to take it!

Question 3: How do I know if I should increase to 2 capsules of Flora Restore per day?

Answer: As a Naturopath, I would generally say if your issue has been long standing, in my opinion you’re likely to get the best support if you take the full 2 capsules per day dose for 6 months or more.

Question 4: How long can I take Flora Restore for?

Answer: Flora Restore is suitable to be taken long term. Based on feedback we’ve received, lots of people stop taking it and then realise it’s best to keep using it.

Question 5: What makes Flora Restore work so well?

Answer: There’s lot of excellent research about the specific research-based probiotic strains found in Flora Restore. These probiotics support the female microbiome and are specific to vagina and urinary health.

The product itself is very high quality which is very important when it comes to probiotics. The capsules are stored in a unique aluminium blister pack that keeps the good bacteria viable and active so that the quality is preserved.

Question 6: Can you take Flora Restore while you are on antibiotics?

Answer: This product can be taken while you are on antibiotics, ideally you need to separate them by two hours for best results. We recommend that you keep taking Flora Restore for 1-2 month after finishing the antibiotic course to support optimal microbiome health.

HealthPost naturopaths reccomend Clinicians Flora Restore

Healthy, naturopath tips:

  • You can get the best out of this supplement by further supporting your microbiome and including plenty of prebiotic rich food in your diet (greenish bananas, onions, pumpkin, apples, flaxseeds). Also, by watching your stress levels and alcohol intake.
  • Here's one way to tell if the probiotic is high quality and well researched: Look at the ingredient list and you’ll see a code next to the name of the probiotic species.

    In Flora Restore for example: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1™ and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14™ - this is a good indication that the product is research-based and likely to be a winner. Super helpful when you’re deciding which product to choose. As a naturopath, this is something I always look for when choosing a probiotic.

Need a little more support?

Pair Flora Restore with these 4+ star favourites.

Kolorex Vaginal Care Cream

For vaginal comfort: Kolorex Vaginal Care Cream

This soothing cream is a great addition to Flora Restore – ideal if you tend to get occasional itching or discomfort.

The hero ingredient is NZ native Horopito, studies show it supports yeast balance - its soothing, skin loving ingredients give a fresh feeling. They can be used at the same time.

“It has definitely helped ease dryness and irritation” – Donna

Clinicians Bladder Support & Cranberry

For urinary tract balance: Women’s Bladder Support Cranberry

Had some extra stress or a few more wines lately? This product pairs well with Flora Restore, it supports your bladder’s natural response to bacteria.

Think of it like an added ‘insurance policy’ if you still get the occasional flare-up. Keep it on hand and use it at the first sign of a urinary tract issue – they can be used together too.

"Since finding out about this product years ago, it has been my go-to when starting with a UTI” – Denise

It’s important to note that if you have ongoing issues, it’s best to consult with your local GP or health professional.

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