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MCT Oil is super popular in some fitness and low carb circles, and it’s considered one of the best kept secrets for healthy weight management. Let’s uncover the wonders of MCT Oil – find out how you can use MCT Oil to support your fitness and weight goals.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for ‘medium chain triglycerides’ – which put simply are saturated fats that have a shorter structure compared to most dietary fats. The structure means that they’re absorbed differently by the body soare available for use as energy much faster than long-chain triglycerides. MCT Oils contain the saturated fatty acids Caprylic acid (C8), and Capric acid (C10).

What is MCT Oil made from?

MCT’s are found naturally in coconut oil and palm kernel oil, but what is MCT Oil made out of? MCT Oils are derived from the refining process of coconut and palm oils, this pure MCT Oil is then used in products and supplements. Rest assured, all the MCT Oils that we stock at HealthPost are made from sustainably harvested coconuts, with zero palm oil content, like this one from NOW Foods MCT Oil Organic. 

NOW Foods MCT Oil Organic

NOW Foods MCT Oil Organic

100% organic and sustainably sourced from coconut oil - NOW Foods MCT Oil contains 55% Caprylic acid (C8), and 35% Capric Acid (C10). Support your body composition goals with this MCT Oil that has been processed using gentle and natural ingredients.

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How does MCT Oil work?

MCT’s are readily absorbed and easy for the body to use. They’re transported directly to the liver where they are preferentially used for energy production(other dietary fats take a little longer to digest and can end up being sent to ‘storage’ instead). MCT Oil was developed for those with difficulties digesting and absorbing fats.

When following a low carb or keto lifestyle, MCT oil is more readily turned into ‘ketones’ when in a state of ketosis. Ketones become the main energy source when limiting carbohydrates in the diet. They can be utilised by the whole body, including the brain – and are what the body uses for fuel every night while we’re sleeping.

The process of switching from carbohydrates to fats can take some time, and the transition period can be a little uncomfortable. This is due to a number of reasons, but one of them is that the body is a bit slow turning fats into energy (ketones). Once the body is fat adapted, MCT Oils can be used as an energy source to support endurance sport and fitness.

Melrose MCT Oil Original Kick Start

Melrose MCT Oil Original Kick Start

Melrose MCT Oil Original Kick Start is a great option for keto diets. The original formulation from Melrose contains 60% Caprylic Acid (C8), and 40% Capric Acid (C10), and is extracted from organic coconut oil from the Philippines. This is a great starter MCT Oil to support your body’s energy requirements as you transition into ketosis.

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What are the benefits of MCT Oil?

There are 5 main benefits of MCT Oil:

  • MCT Oil benefits those starting a keto or low carb diet. It can support you as you switch into ketosis.
  • MCT Oil is satiating, supporting healthy hunger cues, and healthy weight management.
  • MCT Oil is absorbed more easily, supporting those with fat absorption difficulties.
  • MCT Oil supports endurance athletes and adds an energy boost for those at the gym.
  • The Caprylic acid and capric acid content of MCT Oil is naturally soothing and can support the gut to balance gut bacteria.

Melrose MCT Oil Brain Power

Melrose MCT Oil Brain Power

If you’re looking for mental clarity and focus to fuel your day, Melrose MCT Oil Brain Powder is an excellent choice. Melrose contains 75% Caprylic Acid (C8), 21% Capric Acid (C10), and 4% Caproic Acid (C6). The higher concentration of Caprylic Acid means that it is more readily available for use by the body, along with the Caproic Acid not found in other products, makes this MCT Oil your go-to oil for brain energy and focus.

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How to take MCT Oil

MCT Oil is best taken in the morning, or before working out. You can take directly off the spoon, mix with drinks, use in salad dressings, or for cooking. A note on MCT Oil and candida – Caprylic acid supports healthy gut flora balance. It’s best to start gently by taking a smaller amount, and slowly increase the amount as your microbiome adjusts.

How to use MCT Oil Powder:

Powdered MCT Oil is a versatile product made from coconuts, which can easily be added to your morning cuppa, blended in a smoothie, or shake, or sprinkled on your food. We like this MCT Oil Powder from Locako: 

Locako MCT Oil Powder

Locako MCT Oil Powder

This one is not quite like the others! A powdered form of coconut, supplying you with all the goodness of MCT’s, and the versatility of a powder. The added bonus of a low carb form of fibre to keep your gut happy and regular.

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MCT Oil or Coconut Oil?

MCT Oils are refined to contain near 100% pure MCT’s, whereas coconut oil is less refined, and contains some other naturally occurring components like Lauric Acid. MCT oil is more concentrated and targeted for people on a keto diet. Unrefined coconut oil can be more affordable than pure MCT’s, so might be a viable long-term option for those maintaining a low carb or keto lifestyle. We like this 100% pure coconut oil from Melrose:

Melrose MCT Oil Pro Plus

Melrose MCT Oil Pro Plus

The Melrose MCT Oil Pro Plus is 100% coconut oil, preserving the original composition containing Lauric Acid. For an easy pour alternative to the often thick kitchen coconut oil, this MCT containing coconut oil can support your lifestyle long term.

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MCT Oil for your fitness, energy, and weight goals

Taking an MCT Oil will support you on your health and wellbeing journey. Whether you’re just starting out on a low carb or keto diet, or looking to maintain it long term, MCT Oil can supply your body and brain with the energy they need to feel at their best. At HealthPost we have a range of sustainable coconut derived MCT Oils for you to choose from.

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