It's Official. Our Paper Jiffy Bags Are Here to Stay!

During November 2018, we shared the start of our journey to sustainable packaging. For the last two months, we’ve been trialling the use of paper Jiffy courier bags to replace our plastic courier bags.

We’re delighted to say this has been a success. The response has been really positive with very few customer issues. You’ve told us, loud and clear, that you support our desire to work towards minimising the use of plastic in our business. It’s lovely to see that our values and our customers' values are so aligned.

What’s next? By February 2019 we expect to be plastic bag free in our outbound supply chain. And you’ll start to see new paper Jiffy bags carrying our logo turning up on your doorstep, alongside our paper boxes that we’ve had for a number of years.

Then what? This is just the start of our journey to minimise plastic in our supply chain overall. We’re still deeply concerned by the amount of plastic coming into our business, and we’re talking to our suppliers about how we can change this too.

What do you need to do? Nothing. When you shop with us you can rest assured knowing that you’ll not be adding more plastic into the environment with your order delivery. Just remember, to open the Jiffy bags, use the pull tab on the back, or cut the bag along the fold at the top (so the post-consumer recycled paper inside stays where it should!).

Here are a few comments from our lovely customers – it’s always great to get feedback on the things we’re doing.

"I've just read your info about your new paper packaging. I haven't yet received it, but I just want to say very well done in taking this step. I'm right behind you in this initiative and very happy that you and other similar businesses, who are awake enough to realise that humanity, the planet and its inhabitants can't survive the plastic onslaught, are taking constructive action. Keep it up!!" - A.

"This is so fantastic healthpost. Great to see you did the research and found the best solution for your values and relevant to your district. If more businesses operated in such a way when selecting packaging choices we would be sorted! Well done." - Kim

"This is fantastic! Go HealthPost!!!!" - Jasmin

"Once again you have proved that there are still companies providing excellence in customer service! My latest order was easy to make on your user friendly website, I was kept well informed of the order's progress all along the way and delivery was very fast. I also appreciate your efforts to stop the use of plastics in your packaging. Thanks for being one of the best companies I have shopped with world-wide. That's why I keep coming back. Keep up the great work!" - Kathy

"Well done I love the thoughtful way you have approached this problem." - Jenny

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to more of your feedback.

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