Ethical Natural vitamins for kids

Our Natural Health Expert, Liz Jury, shares with us her favourite picks for keeping the kids in tip top health this winter.

The darker mornings and cooler breeze definitely signals that winter is on it's way! Thinking ahead to ensure you and your family have all you need in your medicine cabinet is a great idea at this time of year. Get prepared now, so your winter is easier.

Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA liquid

Sourced from Cod Liver Oil from the Arctic, this strawberry tasting oil has a decent amount of EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids in each ½ teaspoon serving. DHA is wonderful support for growing brains, eyes and immune systems. This formula also contains naturally occurring Vitamin A and D. This can be easily mixed into a smoothie or even yoghurt.

Artemis Kid’s Viro-Gone

The legendary herbs in this lovely liquid will support a healthy immune response to ills and chills. It can be taken in the lead up to winter at a lower dose, or for immediate relief at a higher dose. The liquorice will soothe the throat and also helps it to taste great. A treasured first-aid kit essential to have on-hand.

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff

The tastiest multi-vitamin smoothie around! Choc-banana, Choc-mint, or Choc-honeycomb can be easily blended with a liquid of your choice and provides a plant based powerhouse of nutrition. As well as protein, greens, and berries, your lucky child will receive a decent dose of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to support everyday wellness as well as immunity and digestion.

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Immune Booster Kids

The three strains of beneficial bacteria found within the Immune Booster have been shown to shorten the frequency of ills and chills and support a healthy immune system in children. This powder can be easily mixed into liquids for your children to take daily. Ethical Nutrients probiotics are evidence-based and their comprehensive manufacturing ensures a high quality product.

Go Healthy Go Colostrum Chewable Bears

Sourced from NZ cows, colostrum provides growth factors which strengthen and support a healthy immune system. As well as this, colostrum will help with the normal healthy repair of your child’s growing body during stress or injury. Colostrum tends to be low in lactose, and contain minerals like magnesium.

Kiwiherb Kid’s Calm

Children can feel stressed too, usually for different reasons than adults, but it is just as real for them and can impact on their immunity. The Chamomile in Kid’s Calm works on both the nervous system and the digestive system, to soothe the mind and tummy of your little one. Whether it’s adjusting to school, or having a busy mind that is interfering with sleep, or simply just feeling worried about all the homework, Kid’s Calm offers great support during stressful moments.

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