Orange Ginger Loaf with Cashew Collagen Frosting

Perfect for the cooler months, this warming spicy orange and ginger loaf makes a wonderful teatime treat. Packed with fragrance and flavours from orange zest and fresh ginger, and a hint of spice from cinnamon, it’s a deliciously moist and soft loaf for everyone to enjoy.

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What’s more, it’s delicious and full of nourishing ingredients like  coconut oil, rice syrup and spelt flour. Once it’s ready to eat and still warm from the oven, top it with a creamy collagen-boosted frosting (recipe below) which I’ve made with raw cashew nuts, or spread some butter over the top and enjoy. Pair it with your favourite cuppa for your next afternoon tea snack.

How else can I use the products in this recipe?

  • BioBalance Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – This superb superfood can be used in a multitude of ways. Being a great source of healthy fatscoconut oil has a lot to offer. It also has medium chain fatty acids, making it a great option in our daily diet. Not to mention it’s a great cooking oil for many meal ideas. From stir-fries and curries to using it in salad dressings or in place of butter, coconut oil is incredibly versatile.
  • Chantal Organics Rice Syrup – Made from organic brown rice, this natural sweetener is great for substituting in place of honey or refined sugar. Drizzle it over your morning porridge, mix it in tea or coffee, or add it to desserts and baked goods. It’s also a suitable choice for anyone intolerant to gluten or cutting back on refined sugar.
  • ROAR Organic Coconut Milk Powder – Made from fresh coconut cream that’s been dried into a powder, this coconut milk powder is a deliciously rich and creamy option for many meal ideas. Terrific as a substitute for cow’s milk, simply add water to whip up a delightful coconut milk that’s suitable for many recipes and smoothies. From curries, baking, and desserts or in your cuppa, it’s a vegan-friendly choice for everyone. Going camping or looking for an easy option to take to work? This powder is also a convenient option when you’re on the go.
  • Chantal Organics White Spelt Flour – Milled from the ancient wheat grain, spelt flour is a versatile flour that can replace almost any other flour as a pantry staple. It tastes very similar to standard flour and has a pleasant, slightly sweet and nutty flavour. This all-purpose spelt flour is great to use for a light and fluffy result – think pancakes, pastries, bread... or loaves like this delightful recipe.





Orange Ginger Loaf with Cashew Collagen Frosting

  1. Firstly, in preparation for the frosting, cover cashew nuts with boiling water and set them aside to soften.
  2. Preheat the oven to 180°C fan bake and line a loaf tin with baking paper.
  3. In a large bowl mix together the melted coconut oil and rice syrup. Add the coconut sugar, egg, along with the zest of two oranges and grated fresh ginger. Mix well with a whisk until creamy.
  4. Sift in all other dry ingredients and mix to combine.
  5. Mix the coconut milk powder with water. Stir into the batter.
  6. Pour into the prepared loaf tin and bake for 30 minutes or until cooked.
  7. Let cool on a wire rack.
  8. In the meantime, for the cashew collagen frosting, add cashew nuts to a food processor with 2 Tablespoons of water and blend.
  9. Add the rice malt syrup, coconut milk powder, collagen powder and the last 2 tablespoons of water along with the juice from half an orange. Blend until smooth and creamy (you may need to stop the blender and scrape down the sides with a spatula to ensure everything blends smoothly).
  10. Add the orange zest and quickly blend to incorporate. Transfer frosting to a small dish and set aside.
  11. Once the loaf has completely cooled, slather with collagen whip or butter. Decorate with dehydrated orange slices, chopped nuts or additional orange zest – and enjoy!

Makes: 12 servings | Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 30 minutes

Nutritional Information Per Serving *

  • Servings: 12
  • Calories: 138
  • Total Fat: 8g
  • Total Carbohydrate: 11g
  • Net Carbohydrate: 10g
  • Protein: 38g
  • Sugar: 3g

*Nutritional information is based on approximate calculations by My Fitness Pal.

Dietaries: Dairy Free

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