3 reasons an eye cream is a staple for your bright, fresh glow

3 reasons an eye cream is a staple for your bright, fresh glow

Did you know the skin around your eyes is more delicate and sensitive than the rest of your body? That means it’s especially prone to dryness and fine lines, while being a tell-tale sign of fatigue and stress. Because of this, the tissue-thin skin under the eyes needs targeted support with an eye cream or gel that is formulated for your skin concerns.

You might be asking yourself, is an eye cream really worth it? If you’re endlessly reaching for concealer to camouflage dark circles, or you long for bright, fresh eyes – the simple answer is YES. An effective eye cream is a staple for good reason – here’s why, and the important ingredients to look for in yours.

Eye cream benefits

Our latest release, Anoint H₂O De-Puffing Eye Gel, is a cooling, weightless gel. The innovative formulation is certified vegetarian and features seven key bioactives with anti-inflammatory and protective properties to reduce puffiness and improve hydration around your eyes, making it the best eye cream to address signs of sleeplessness or stress.

1. Freshen & de-puff tired eyes

Coffee berry targets the build-up of fluid around the eyes to reduce the appearance of puffiness. The potent ingredient also tones blood vessels to target redness and keep eyes looking refreshed.

It's joined in Anoint by nutrient-rich red algae, which has anti-inflammatory properties to further reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of dark circles.

2. Hydrate & protect the delicate eye area

Natural humectants plant hyaluronic acid and New Zealand manuka honey unite in Anoint to bestow soothing moisture, while cucumber extract, rich in vitamin C, helps to protect as it hydrates, to reduce dryness and promote a smooth complexion.

Antioxidant-rich bamboo ferment works to defend the skin around the eyes, with the help of Vinanza® Oxifend Plus, a potent superfruit compound made from New Zealand-grown boysenberries, blackcurrants, kiwifruit, and sauvignon blanc grape seeds.

3. Prep your skin for makeup

Anoint sits perfectly under makeup and is the ideal moisturising base to foster a healthy glow and keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day.

For best results, use Anoint with its partner product in our Skin-Hydrating range, Baptise H₂O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel, a weightless gel moisturiser that provides refreshing hydration free from heaviness.

3 reasons an eye cream is a staple for your bright, fresh glow

Anoint's signature ingredients

  1. Coffee berry: Anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe puffiness.
  2. Red algae: Replenishes hydration levels, while helping to protect skin from photo-aging.
  3. Hyaluronic acid: Hydrates, freshens, and protects against moisture loss.
  4. Cucumber: Soothes and cools, while helping to keep your skin hydrated.
  5. Manuka honey: Refreshes and softens the skin around your eyes.
  6. Vinanza® Oxifend Plus: Antioxidant-rich superfruit complex that protects your skin against free radicals.
  7. Bamboo ferment: Aids in skin regeneration, while offering protection against everyday pollutants.

Together, these powerful bioactives unite in Anoint’s innovative formula to wake up tired eyes and improve the appearance of puffiness.

The results speak for themselves

If you’re an Antipodes devotee, you’ll know how important it is to me that our formulations perform well in scientific tests and in-vivo user trials.

After a two-week trial*, 88% of participants said Anoint visibly reduced puffiness, whilst 97% said their eyes felt cool and refreshed.

The eye gel has also been clinically tested** and shown to hydrate skin by 39% after just two hours.

Suited to all skin types

With nourishing pure-plant formulations and no added fragrance, Anoint and all Antipodes eye creams are suitable for all skin types. But they don’t stop there – they’re also ultra-clean and free of toxic ingredients including parabens and sulphates. That means that the results-driven formulas are gentle, even sensitive skin. Of course, if your skin is particularly sensitive, patch test first.

Like all our skincare, Anoint is packaged in premium, recyclable glass and FSC-certified cardboard, printed with 100% eco-inks from vegetables.

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*In-vivo trial results from 33 participants after 2 weeks of use

**Dermatest Australia: clinical study of 13 men & women, ages 18-65 (2022)

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