Best immune supplements for 2024 - Naturopath guide

Need an immune boost? Our naturopath explains what makes these immune bestsellers so popular, and helps you choose the best immune supplement for your unique needs – with tips to get the best out of your supplements. Whether you’re after daily immune support or healthy recovery, you’ll find options that double for gut healthheart health or collagen for a glowing complexion.

The absolute key to success with natural immune support is to start taking at the very first sign of a sniffle or throat tickle. The earlier the better – I always stay stocked up. With winter season arriving, now’s a good time to stock up on immune goodness.

BioBalance Liposomal Vitamin C

Best Vitamin C

BioBalance Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C tops the list of vitamins for the immune system. It’s backed up by quality research (for both daily protection as well as healthy recovery),which makes it an easy choice. Whether you want a daily immune tonic during ills and chills season, or you keep it on hand to use at the first sign of a bug.

Vitamin C is a key component of healthy collagen production– superb if you’re after a glowing complexion and healthy joints. HealthPost’s Naturopaths (Claudia Nozza, Callan Rose and myself – RebeccaBaylis)all rate this BioBalance Liposomal Vitamin C – we call it the ‘gold standard’.If you’re the person who tends to come down with everything that’s going around, this makes a great daily immune support boost.

Why we love it

  • Most absorbable form of vitamin C. Studies show liposomal C is more bioavailable compared to non-liposomals (higher blood levels can be achieved sooner and are maintained for longer).
  • Good for sensitive digestion. The liposomal formula is buffered which makes it easier on the tummy, which allows you take a high dose too.
  • Alcohol free. Being alcohol free makes it a cut above other popular brands of Liposomal or Lypospheric Vitamin C. It’s also soy free – the liposomes are made from sunflower lecithin instead.

“Top shelf. I love liposomal nutrients, best bang for your buck, hands down. Doesn’t affect my tum even in larger doses. Great for immune support.” – Jacquie

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Clinicians Super Family C

Best Vitamin C for the whole family

Clinicians Super Family C

Keen on the convenience of a one-size-fits-all for the whole household? This is a delicious, high dose Vitamin C powder when facing immune threats.The added citrus bioflavonoids offer extra antioxidants, they’re especially good for veins and circulation.

You get high dose Vitamin C, so you’re supporting healthy collagen too. It’s a powder, which makes is easy to adjust the dose for little ones (4 years and over) too.

  • High dose, daily immune support
  • Powder offers variable dosing for the whole family
  • Pleasant orange flavour – mixes easily

“Works great for our family. Brilliant product. Very cost effective and easy to give to the whole family. I put it in a dry glass/water bottle and add cold water – stir or shake and it dissolves easily for us. My family drinks it just in water and don’t mind the taste at all.” – Lianne

Naturopath tip: Vitamin C is best dosed with a ‘little and often’ approach, because it’s a water-soluble vitamin. If you’re under the weather– try adding your daily dose to a glass or stainless steel drink bottle to sip on throughout the day.

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Solgar Quercetin Complex

Best multi-function immune

Solgar Quercetin Complex

Quercetin remains a popular choice for immune health. Interestingly, it works as azinc ‘ionophore’ – meaning it aids the transport of Zinc (the queen of immune minerals) into cells.

Why it’s a bestseller

As well as quercetin, the formula also delivers 500mg (a generous dose) of Esterified Vit C (arguably the queen of immune vitamins). Ester C can be gentler on the stomach than the ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C. It also features natural plant extracts: bromelain, rutin and citrus bioflavonoids, which naturally occur in Vitamin C rich foods. As plant antioxidants they offer healthy aging benefits too.

Acerola and rosehip powder offer a wholefood source of Vitamin C (in addition to the 500mg of Ester C). The formula is also popular for seasonal allergies to support histamine balance– making it a great multipurpose product.

  • Quercetin and Ester C in one
  • With naturally derived Vitamin C –from rosehip and acerola
  • Popular during hayfever season

“Will keep using this. I purchased this product based on the reviews and will continue as I definitely feel clearer in my sinuses since using this.”- Shephanie

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Lifestream Probiotics 14 Strains

Best holistic immune

Lifestream Probiotics 14 Strains

There’s a very strong link between your microbiome and efficient immune function. Probiotics may not be the first thing that springs to mind for immune health – but they’re foundational.

70-90% of your immune cells are in the gut– which explains why your immune response is directly influenced by how healthy your microbiome is. We know probiotics are great gut health supplements, they’re also an immune staple. This makes them an ideal daily immune tonic, especially if your gut could use some love and balance too.

Why it’s a bestseller

  • Micro encapsulated – protects the probiotics from stomach acid
  • Broad spectrum with 14 strains – studies show this is key
  • Easy to take, small capsule, one-a-day dose

“My regular go to. This I take regularly in the winter and more regularly in the last 6 months than before. I find that it helps with my gut health as I’m not eating much other fermented products.” – Katie

Naturopath tip: Research shows the food we eat has a profound influence on our gut microbiome (within 24 hours).Be sure to include plenty of plant foods for prebiotic goodness. It’s worth considering  prebiotics too (they feed the beneficial probiotics in your gut), so you can get the most out of your probiotics.

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Good Health Viralex Attack

Best immune herbs

Good Health Viralex Attack

Viralex is a comprehensive formula of immune loving herbs, zinc and postbiotics– making it an immune staple. Great to keep on hand to use at the first sign of a bug. The fact that it contains such a good variety of different immune supporting ingredients (in ideal doses), means that it covers a lot of bases.

We’re all unique, people respond better to different things. Having four different immune ingredients in one, means it’s more likely to support everyone. Regardless of where the ills and chills happen – throat, sinuses, chest or lungs. I always feel confident recommending this product.

  • Top selling immune staple
  • Four immune ingredients in one product
  • Take with food

“This works! Take this through winter and up the dose (along with vitamin C) as soon as I feel like something is coming on and it does seem to nip it in the bud.”- Azadeh

Naturopath tip: If I feel like I’m coming down with something, I go for the full 3-capsule dose – as this delivers 15mg of Zinc, the max daily dose. Olive leaf is always best taken with food, you can take all 3 at once if that’s easiest, but to get the very best out of it, space them throughout the day.

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NutraLife Kyolic Aged Garlic

Bestselling customer favourite

NutraLife Kyolic Aged Garlic

This is a high potency garlic extract – you can take it as year-round support to keep your immune system primed.The extraction process eliminates odour (no garlicky burps) and harsh compounds that can sometimes irritate the gut.

This makes Kyolic a unique product, it’s been popular for decades and for good reason. It offers both heart health and immune support. If heart health (like blood pressure and cholesterol) is a major health goal for you, this is a particularly good immune support option.

I recommend this as an ideal choice for anyone 50 years and over. You can take one capsule daily long-term and increase the dose to 2 per day during ills and chills season.

  • Doubles as both immune and heart support
  • No garlic odour
  • Can adjust to a higher dose during colder months

“Wonderful product I would not be without it!Truly boost my immunity and wards of anything that tries to start, Great for my blood pressure too.” - Nerana

Naturopath tip: If you’re taking any type of heart medication (including blood thinners, cholesterol, or blood pressure meds),please make sure you check with your local GP or dispensing pharmacist before taking Kyolic. In general, it’s always wise to check for interactions before you start a new supplement.

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Solgar Wild Oregano Oil

Best value for money

Solgar Wild Oregano Oil

Oregano suits a wide range of immune challenges - especially in your respiratory system and gut. Oregano oil is the ideal choice if things often travel to your sinuses – or if your ills and chills tend to be persistent. It’s popular for digestive immune health - to support the body’s response to intestinal worms and yeast imbalances.

Why it’s a bestseller

Solgar Wild Oregano Oil is standardised to contain approximately 70% carvacrol (the active constituent) - it’s very concentrated and for this reason, it’s blended with extra virgin olive oil. This is the best way to take it (rather than an undiluted oil). Being standardised and a measured dose makes this the standout option amongst other oregano products.It comes in eco-friendly packaging too – the glass being infinitely recyclable.

  • Immune support for respiratory tract and gut
  • Tiny min-gel caps – easy to swallow
  • Excellent value for money – less than 30 cents per daily dose

“Good quality oil. Helps my digestion and immunity. Will be buying again!”– Yoko

Naturopath tip: A general dose guide is to take oregano oil for 2 weeks. It’s great to have on hand if you’re wanting an immune top up, rather than choosing it as an everyday tonic (vitamin C would serve better in this case).

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