Probiotic skincare has been acclaimed for its ability to improve the health of your skin by balancing the microbiome, to cultivate a fresh, clear complexion. The next big trend in beauty is fermented skincare, utilising probiotics (AKA good bacteria) to improve the efficacy of active ingredients.

Our two new Antipodes’ formulations, Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask and Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum, feature science-backed probiotics and innovative fermented ingredients to deliver healthy, clear skin.

Why is your skin’s microbiome important?


Your skin is home to trillions of good and bad bacteria, known collectively as the microbiome. When the biome is balanced, skin looks clear, calm, and healthy. But when the bad bacteria outnumber the good, skin becomes more sensitive and reacts with hormonal breakouts, dryness, accelerated ageing and, for some, skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

An imbalanced microbiome weakens your all-important skin barrier, making it vulnerable to damage from things like UV rays and pollutants. Probiotic skincare restores harmony to your skin by redressing that delicate balance. A healthy microbiome keeps your skin barrier strong, which in turn helps keep your skin healthy. As I always say, healthy skin is the best-looking skin.

Fermented skincare: the new frontier

Fermentation occurs when good bacteria breaks down an ingredient, allowing it to be more easily digested (if it’s a food) or to penetrate the skin more easily (if it’s a skincare ingredient).

Fermentation enhances an ingredient’s efficacy, meaning that our already-amazing natural ingredients become even better, delivering an array of extra benefits to your skin.

The process of fermentation also cultivates the growth of good bacteria, which unleashes an array of additional benefits. On top of this, fermented ingredients get to work restoring balance to your skin’s microbiome, to help soothe redness and irritation and reveal a clear complexion.


The benefits of fermentation in skincare

Fermented ingredients are more nutrient-dense. Ingredients become stronger and more concentrated during fermentation, so their benefits are intensified. At the same time, fermentation breaks them down into smaller parts, so they can be absorbed faster and more easily.

Fermented ingredients attract and retain moisture, so they provide sustained hydration for a longer period, allowing the skin to benefit from an extended boost of hydration.

Fermented ingredients also last longer. Centuries ago, fermentation was used to preserve foods, because the good bacteria act as a natural preservative. Today, fermented ingredients in skincare can increase a product’s shelf life, improving its sustainability.

The fermented ingredients in Antipodes skincare

    Plant hyaluronic acid

The first of our fermented ingredients is the hydrating powerhouse, hyaluronic acid, which is famous for its ability to retain moisture – it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. It’s important to us at Antipodes that we use a plant-based and responsibly sourced hyaluronic acid, which is produced using a bacteria found in vegetables. The bacteria is fed a sugar solution in the lab, which triggers fermentation.

  • Bamboo

Another of our fermented ingredients is bamboo ferment, which is created by fermenting sustainably cultivated bamboo stalks and leaves. It is extremely high in antioxidants, penetrating the skin with a range of regenerative benefits – it helps protect skin from free radical damage, the number one source of premature aging, and works to improve skin tone, making it ideal for skin that is prone to breakouts.

  • Kombucha

We also use kombucha, better known as fermented tea. As a drink, the benefits are already well known. When used in skincare, kombucha can help calm stressed or blemished skin, with antioxidants to gently detoxify, fostering a fresh complexion.

Fermented ingredients + probiotics = healthy, clear skin

robiotics unite with these high-tech ferments in our Calming & Clearing range. We are using a postbiotic, produced through the digestive process of probiotics, making it suitable for use in beauty formulations.

Postbiotics are stable and effective for use in skincare, whereas probiotics are live bacteria that have a short shelf life and must be stored at low temperatures, because using preservatives to prolong their life would kill the good bacteria.

Kalibiome – our world-class probiotic

Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask is the first of our formulas to feature Kalibiome Sensitive probiotic, a probiotic specially formulated for sensitive skin, which targets redness, itchiness, and blemishes.

Kalibiome Sensitive probiotic is clinically shown* to reduce redness, decrease water loss, and increase hydration.

Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum features Kalibiome AGE probiotic, which is focused on skin regeneration and reducing the appearance of redness and wrinkles.You’ll also find Kalibiome AGE in our probiotic moisturiser, Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream.

Kalibiome AGE, has been clinically shown* to improve elasticity, reduce wrinkle depth, alleviate redness, and boost hydration.

The probiotics in our formulas work alongside fermented ingredients to ensure you have a thriving, healthy microbiome, the delicate mix of good and bad bacteria.


Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask

Introducing Flora & Credo from our Calming & Clearing range

Flora and Credo join Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream in our certified-vegan probiotic range. My skin is dehydrated and prone to sensitivity, and our new probiotic formulas have been a godsend when it comes to helping it look and feel calmer and softer. 

Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask is a creamy mask, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, to de-stress and freshen skin that is blemished, irritated, or sensitive. Kalibiome Sensitive probiotic unites with plant hyaluronic acid to promote calm, comfortable skin. 

I use Flora once or twice weekly, or whenever I feel that my skin needs some relief. I apply a generous layer of my face and neck after cleansing, relax for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and a face cloth.

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BePure Super Boost C

Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum is a rich gel serum to revitalise the skin tone and achieve a fresh, clear complexion. Kalibiome AGE probiotic teams with high-tech ferments – bamboo, kombucha, and plant hyaluronic acid– to ensure optimal skin health.

Credo is formulated for daytime use, so I massage in a few drops each morning before my day cream. It has a gorgeous texture, it’s a silky gel, so it’s ideal for layering under your moisturiser or makeup.

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Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream completes our round-the-clock probiotic regime. The night cream features Kalibiome AGE probiotic and plant hyaluronic acid to hydrate and refresh the complexion. Skin repairs itself as you sleep, so I find that when I use Culture as the last step in my nightly ritual, I wake up with skin that is comfortable, hydrated, and calm.

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*Kalibiome probiotics/postbiotics 600: clinically shown to revitalise extracellular matrix.

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