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When it comes to Vitamin C you're spoilt for choice – powder, gummies, capsules, tablets, liquid, liposomal, chewable or tablets. There’s something to suit every preference. With so much on offer, sometimes it’s tricky to know which one to take. To make choosing easier, here are six ways to help determine which Vitamin C is best for your unique needs: whether you're looking to support your immune response, your collagen for healthy skin and joints or for daily wellness.

BioBalance Liposomal Vitamin C

1. Do you want the best absorption and rapid support for the whole family?

Liposomal is for you! The great thing about liposomal vitamin C is that it tends to saturate the body faster than normal ascorbic acid and lasts longer in circulation, giving it more of a chance to do its job. Liposomal phospholipids are easy for the digestive system to absorb and offers a great dose for those wanting “extra”. Liposomal is also an easy way to top up if fresh fruit and veg are low.

We love BioBalance Liposomal Vitamin C. Made with sunflower phospholipids and glycerin instead of alcohol, this liquid liposome form is a simple addition to smoothies or straight off a spoon for fast absorption. 

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BePure Super Boost C

2. Is it just for you? Or are people of multiple ages and stages in your household taking it?

If it’s just for you, take your pick! If there are kids, adults, and older people it can be easier to go for a powder or liquid, because they will have different dose requirements. Powders and liquids allow you to alter the dose depending on who and why it is being taken. Most of the products taste good and are easily disguised if it isn’t your favourite flavour.

BePure Super Boost C comes as a delicious powder. Not only does this contain tummy-friendly vitamin C, also included are lemon bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, zinc, vitamin E, and natural stevia to sweeten. This is a great option for young and old. 

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Radiance Kids Gummies Immune

3. Do your children have a specific palate?

Tastebuds can be sensitive wee things, and getting children to swallow pills can be tricky, despite them being able to wolf down giant mouthfuls of their favourite foods. Fortunately, gummies and chewable options in kid-friendly doses make for a tasty and satisfying solution option they won’t mind taking.

Try these delicious gummies:    Radiance Kids Gummies Immune, which offer a great tasting dose of immune-loving Elderberry extract. As well as Elderberry, it has Vitamin C and zinc, which are both crucial for a strong immune response. An excellent choice heading into the winter months.

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Solgar Vitamin C 1000mg With Rose Hips

4. You’d rather just swallow a pill and get on with your day

Fair enough! Days are full. Luckily, there is a range of Vitamin C supplements in capsules and tablets that are easy to travel with, or keep in your kitchen pantry, or pack in your lunch box. Capsules and tablets can come in a simple 1 per day dose with botanicals like rosehips or acerola berry – both of which contain Vitamin C in its natural state.

Solgar has a great 1000mg Vitamin C with Rosehips. This product is an easy 1 per day dose and are free from sweeteners and suitable for vegans.

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Ethical Nutrients ImmuZorb Extra C

5. You easily get reflux or a burning sensation after taking ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid has quite a low pH and so can make people with sensitive tummies feel a little ‘raw’. Taking a buffered version can be gentler on the stomach and can also supply a source of minerals. The most common buffers are sodium and calcium, which you’ll be familiar with as sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate. If you’ve been advised to keep sodium low, then a calcium ascorbate is the better option for you. Also, taking vitamin C with meals can reduce the chance of discomfort.

Ethical Nutrients created their ImmuZorb Extra C, a non-acidic formulation that is gentle on the stomach. Immuzorb Extra C provides calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium ascorbates plus additional nutrients like B3 and bioflavonoids. It’s an easy to swallow tablet that provide 1000mg of Vitamin C.

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Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola

6. You like the idea of wholefood sourced Vitamin C

There’s not much better than feeling like you’re filling your plate with high-density nutrition. We get it! Wholefood supplements offer the range of phytonutrients that are present in the plant, not just isolated nutrients. Sometimes, because it is a range of nutrients, the dose can be lower than if it was just a single nutrient because the nutrients work together and can be absorbed more easily.

If you love a power packed smoothie start to your day, Lifestream does a beautiful job providing a food-based Acerola berry powder, rich in Vitamin C in a powder form that’s a breeze to add to a smoothie. Each serve provides 110mg of Vitamin C (and other phytonutrients) per 1/3 teaspoon.

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