These NZ-grown products are a staple in our Nutritionist's kitchen

These NZ-grown products are a staple in our Nutritionist's kitchen

Love supporting local? Us too. We asked our Nutritionist about her pantry staples, and these New Zealand made favourites are at the top of her list.

Nature’s Way Hydraplenish - Hyaluronic Acid Serum Plus Vitamin C

1. Biohoney's Manuka Honey MG100+

“A good quality New Zealand honey is a must-have. My go-to pick is Biohoney’s Manuka Honey. I love the delicious creamy caramel-like consistency and flavour. It’s important to me that it is 100% pure and minimally processed with no added artificial flavours.

Honey is so versatile. Some of my favourite ways to use Biohoney are to sweeten homemade muesli or on toast with almond butter. We often use it as a sweet component to savoury sauces or marinades, as it adds a depth of flavour along with that distinct delicious hint of sweetness.”

What we love about BioHoney Manuka Honey:

  • Independently tested and expertly sourced from the South Island
  • Pure honey straight from the hive – free from any blending
  • Excellent alternative to refined sugar
  • Deep, delicious, aromatic flavour

Sourced from: Local bee keepers in Golden Bay (top of the South Island), New Zealand

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BioBalance Certified Organic Barley Grass Powder

2. BioBalance Certified Organic Barley Grass Powder

“Barley Grass has only recently become a consistent for me. I really enjoy the subtle but distinct flavour (almost green tea-like) making it easy to add to all sorts of recipes. What is special to me about Barley Grass is its gut-supporting properties through the fiber continent and alkalising support.

My favourite way to use Barley Grass powder is to add to dips like hummus and salad dressings or into homemade falafel for an added nutritional boost. I also find it refreshing mixed into cold water either on its own or with a squeeze of lemon. If you are not a fan of the strong flavour of other greens such as spirulina powder I suggest giving barley grass a try.”

What we love about BioBalance Barley Grass:

  • Certified organic
  • Packed with 20+ vitamins and minerals
  • Packed with chlorophyll and fibre

Sourced from: the rich soils of the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand

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Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters

3. Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters

“I love the beautiful blend of botanicals in the Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters, not only does it support my liver, it can also aid digestion and hormone balance too which is a big plus in my books - all combined in convenient liquid drops. What's not to love?

I really enjoy the subtle herbaceous flavours of this tonic, my favourite way to enjoy it is in a glass of still or sparkling water with a slice of citrus and a sprig of thyme. It's like a little virgin cocktail pick-me-up that's doing all the good stuff. If the taste is not your thing, add to your herbal tea or a little bit of juice.”

What we love about Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters:

  • Best of Natural Award winner for digestion
  • Excellent for liver, digestion and hormone support
  • Flexible dose for your whole family

Sourced from: around NZ – including Vern Paddock Project Mihiwaka (Otago Peninsula) and Globe Artichoke and Calendula from the Wild Dispensary farm. 

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Pacific Harvest Kelp Sea Salt

4. Pacific Harvest Kelp Sea Salt

“Pacific Harvest Kelp Sea Salt is almost magic. Not only does it have a delicious umami flavour, but I also love that the kelp has a tenderising component when cooked with protein. Kelp salt can also reduce the cooking time for legumes, as well as remove some of the gas-forming agents to help with bloating. All that in a little bottle of pure New Zealand sea salt with New Zealand-harvested kelp.

My favourite way to use kelp salt is sprinkled on scrambled eggs or avocado toast. I often also use it to brine chicken to tenderise and lock in the juices and flavour whilst cooking.”

What we love about Pacific Harvest Kelp Sea Salt

  • Organic kelp sea salt
  • Excellent source of iodine
  • Affordable daily wellness dose

Sourced from: North Island, New Zealand

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Whether you’re looking for daily wellness support or pantry staples, our bestselling range of New Zealand made products have you covered.

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