We all know beauty sleep plays an important role in our skin health, and when it comes to our get up and glow look, a high-quality night cream goes a long way. 

With increased stressors from the last few years, it’s fair to say that many of us have, at some point, felt a little frazzled.

And while certain levels of stress can often be healthy for us, when it goes unmanaged, it can affect our bodies in more ways than one – starting with our sleep. When we’re disrupted from the land of zzz’s, our skin cells have to work harder, which can result in tired or thirsty skin.

Why does skin love sleep? 

To understand why our skin may look or feel tired, we must first look at what getting restful sleep does for our complexion overall. In the same way we might unwind from our day with a bath, a good book or a comforting cup of tea, our skin also takes time to decompress and recharge.

When we’re fast asleep, we give our skin the rest it needs to target areas that may need more attention – whether that’s from exposure to UV rays, pollutants or other unwanted elements. When it comes to happy and healthy skin, getting at least five hours (preferably more!) of well-deserved ‘shut eye’ can do wonders for the way we look, and feel, come morning.

The case for a great night cream 

Given our skin naturally regenerates overnight, you might be wondering why an effective skincare ritual is needed... Thankfully, the answer is pretty straightforward.

Adding a nourishing choice to your skincare ritual – such as a night cream, can help turbo-charge the rejuvenation process and make up for the support your skin may have been missing.

Our skin’s oil production peaks at midday and drops off overnight (when it's at its most permeable), meaning without supporting our skin’s moisture levels, we’re more likely to wake up with tired and thirsty skin.

A well-formulated night cream is wonderful for keeping our skin hydrated, while locking in moisture and replenishing skin-smoothing oils while we snooze. They’re also great for turning our skin’s naturally heightened permeability into a positive – supporting it with extra-nourishing ingredients that quickly absorb and melt easily into skin.

For your new bedtime pick-me-up: Vitamin C Ceramide Night Cream

Luckily for us sleepless beauties, finding an effective night cream is easier than we might think.

That’s where Trilogy’s NEW Vitamin C Ceramide Night Cream comes in. Packed with skin-loving vitamin C, helpful ceramides, and a whole host of hydration-boosting ingredients and natural oils, it’s a game-changer for better beauty sleep and a radiant complexion

Packed with powerful plant actives:

  • Vitamin C – to help brighten and invigorate the skin, while supporting against fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Ceramides – to support supple skin and replenish moisture levels. 
  • Hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter and jojoba oil – to deeply hydrate. 
  • Rosehip oil – to revitalise and renew, so you can wake up with a fresh glow.
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When it comes to helping your skin wake up on the bright side, Vitamin C Ceramide Night Cream could be just the glow-up your skin’s been looking for.

Here’s to waking up with fresh, hydrated skin.

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