St John’s Wort: Support for a Healthy Mood and Hormone Harmony

St John’s Wort, otherwise known by its Latin botanical name; Hypericum perforatum or simply as SJW, is a perennial herb with a yellow flower that grows throughout the world. It has been used for centuries. Ancient Greek philosophers and traditional herbalists have used St. John’s wort as an internal and external remedy for burns, wounds, digestive upsets, menstrual support and nervous tensions.

More recently, the attention surrounding St. John’s Wort has focused on its support for stress and worry and premenstrual comfort. In the modern scientific era there has been a gathering interest in St John’s Wort with scientific research conducted on its uses and benefits, active constituents, and its safety.

Benefits of St John’s Wort

With plenty of research highlighting its uses, St John’s Wort is one plant remedy that has multiple benefits including support for:

  • Symptoms of worry
  • Assisting the body’s ability to cope with stress
  • Nervous sleeplessness
  • Mood balance
  • Healthy mood
  • Premenstrual comfort

A balancing act

So how does St John’s Wort help support a healthy balanced mood? The exact mechanisms are still unknown however many studies have reported findings that active plant constituents hypericin and hyperforin, found in St John’s wort could be responsible for their unique actions and play a major role in shaping your everyday life.

You may be familiar with feel-good chemicals and hormones that your body produces, that are also linked to sleep, appetite and your mood. St John’s wort interacts favorably with these and as such may help to support a healthy balanced mood.

St John’s Wort should ideally be used with other supportive factors such as diet and lifestyle choices to support a balanced mood and a healthy happy life.

Hormonal harmony

Do you wish for harmony with your hormones? It is not uncommon. Many women experience premenstrual issues each month with physical and other symptoms such as increased appetite and food cravings,fuzzy thinking, tension in the head and neck, irritability, mood swings. St John’s Wort can support some hormonal harmony in your life when used daily.

Can anyone use St John’s Wort?

Just like pharmaceuticals and some other herbs, there are safety precautions and interactions to be aware of. St John’s Wort does affect how some medications work, including the oral contraceptive pill and should not be taken alongside antidepressant medications. Therefore, it is always best to check with your prescribing doctor or healthcare provider and always read the label and only use as directed.

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Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Integria, Auckland.

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