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Colloidal Health Solutions

The Gold Solution

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Mindful Brand Colloidal Health Solutions is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
The Gold Solution Colloidal formulations present substances, like minerals, held equally dispersed in a fluid suspension. The minerals hold a small positive charge on each particle and are therefore thought to be highly bioavailable for the body and easily absorbed.

The Gold Solution contains 10mg/L (10ppm) of pure 24 carat gold held in liquid suspension.

Research universities are finding that elemental gold is possibly a promising discovery for supporting healthy joints:
  • Scientists at Duke University Medical Center discovered that gold could play an important role to support joint flexibility and lubrication
  • Research confirmed the influence of gold nanoparticles as a potential to balance immune reactions within joint tissues, supportive of healthy synovial fluid and overall health of joint tissue.
This research indicates that colloidal Gold may support wellbeing when there is joint discomfort by balancing fluid levels around and within the joint and assisting normal joint movement. 

Under precautions 
Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy should seek advice from their health care practitioner before taking. Some research indicates that nanoparticles of gold can cause or worsen neuronal dysfunction or damage in the brain. 

It is recommended to consult your health care practitioner for advice on long term use of colloidal gold.

  • Bottle is glass therefore keep out of reach of children, always replace lid after usage.
  • Do not purchase if seal is broken.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature, away from magnetic or electrical fields.
  • Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy should seek advice from their health care practitioner before taking. Some research indicates that nanoparticles of gold can cause or worsen neuronal dysfunction or damage in the brain. 

Drink: As required or take sublingually (under the tongue)

Special directions: For best results take straight without mixing with juice other additives.

Dosage: Follow the instructions on the label (standard dose 15mls per day, power dose 50mls per day) or as directed by your health professional.

For a powerful boost 100ml, 2x per day maybe taken but not recommended for more than 2-3 days, if taking large dosages drink extra water.

Pure Gold 10mg/L (10ppm)
Pure De-ionised water
  • Lab tested & proven
  • 100% bioavailable
  • Non-toxic / Non-addictive
  • Nano-sized particles

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04-06-2020 11:35:21
Feeling better
04-06-2020 11:35:21
Nothing dramatic but I certainly do feel better since taking this. Probably best that it wasn't dramatic!

07-07-2019 19:30:15
Awesome product
07-07-2019 19:30:15
Health post gets the order out very quickly and the Gold solution is of high quality. I feel a greater sense of well being when I have my daily dose.

25-06-2019 19:30:47
Excellent product
25-06-2019 19:30:47
First and only colloidal gold I\'ve tried. Impressed with the positive effects I\'ve noticed in my general health and mood. Mental clarity being the most noticeable outcome after using for over 2months now. Thanks healthpost! Onestop healthshop

24-06-2019 18:19:23
Certainly seems to have helped me
24-06-2019 18:19:23
Tried this for sore knees and it certainly seems to have helped. I can walk down stairs a lot more easily than a few months ago. I still have pain but it is a lot less than it was.

07-03-2019 16:01:38
Unbelievable results
07-03-2019 16:01:38
I take this regularly as i have fibro and suffer from scar pain from a surgical procedure. It relieves my pain within 20mins. Relief lasts for 6 hours and my ci ditiin is improving. My husband uses it for arthritis pain; he is a different man - he is happy and very healthy. Far better than the normal medication.

29-12-2017 16:15:57
relaxing and calming handling events better
29-12-2017 16:15:57
Very well thoughtfully packed and is stronger ppm than my previous product I sourced, that also can be frustrating to get supplied with locally...! Moved on to the more effective gold solution and take 10 ml twice a week and really notice the difference. I am impressed with healthpost as a clearly recommended supplier..and will return for more. sincerely

19-07-2017 02:21:26
General improved wellbeing
19-07-2017 02:21:26
I ordered this as I was having some joint pain and a general lack of energy. I have been taking this each day for over 2 weeks now and I am sure it has helped to keep all the winter bugs away which everyone else has been catching. My general health has improved and some dry skin issues I had have cleared up. My joint pain has not gone but I feel my general health has improved. Would recommend but maybe under the advice of a health professional to see if it is the right thing. Won't do any harm but may not be quite the right supplement.

02-07-2017 21:58:58
Good for menopause symptoms.
02-07-2017 21:58:58
Helps with hot flushes, moods (feel more upbeat) and joint pain. Highly recommended. I take 10 mls twice a day.

19-08-2016 20:09:40
Excellent product, highly recommended
19-08-2016 20:09:40
Excellent product for aches and pains in joints and overall well being. I've been taking it almost a month and feel a difference. I take it every morning and leave it for a few mins under my tongue as is recommended. It has a bit of a stronger taste than Colloidal Silver but nothing too bad that a sip of cool drink or water cannot take away. I've found my anxieties have lessened over this period, my mind feels calmer and clearer, I sleep deeper and better and night sweats have definitely almost vanished!! Next I'll be trying Colloidal Copper as all three of them can be taken together and don't interact with one other. Definitely a good product. Thank you Healthpost!
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