This Christmas we're celebrating differently.

With the silly season fast approaching, we're busy getting ready to celebrate. Christmas should be a time to connect, slow down and reflect. More often however it's filled with stress and chaos, and our wellbeing tends to fall off the top of our list. But this year we're celebrating differently. We're easing into the silly season and choosing to celebrate consciously.

Each week we'll share special tips to stay balanced, Christmas recipes to feel nourished, mindful gift ideas, and ways we can look after each other.

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Conscious Christmas Conversations

Our guest contributors share there best tips and recipes to stay mindful,
nourished, and balanced this Christmas, so we can ease into the silly season.

Blackcurrant Coconut Ice

We’ve taken an old Kiwi classic and given it a healthful twist in this easy recipe that is fun to make, looks stunning and comes with a brain boosting bonus.

Celebrate a Sustainable Christmas with DIY Gift Ideas

If you’re a DIYer or mindful giver (or even if you aren’t and want to be), use these three sustainable Christmas gift ideas to spruce up your Christmas gifting while respecting the planet.

Build a Summer Salad

A delicious fresh salad seems to be a staple at any BBQ or picnic. Why not have some fun and mix things up and try some new ingredient combinations?

20+ gifts to feel good about giving

Find the joy in conscious giving with our Christmas gift guide. We’ve got all your loved ones sorted - even those tricky to buy for will love these treats.

Six ways to be mindful in the lead up to Christmas

Who knew the countdown to Christmas could be calm? Check out these six mindful tips to stay present no matter how busy your days are.

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