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Mindful Brand

Good Health

Adrenal Balance Day & Night Restore

60 capsules
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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand Good Health is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
Good Health Adrenal Balance Day & Night Restore helps to keep your stress in check while balancing physical and mental energy and promotes calmness.
Good Health Adrenal balance contains two formulas, one for day time and one for night time. Naturally formulated to help your body cope better during times of stress, fatigue and mental exhaustion.
Adrenal Balance includes nutrients that are used to balance stress and nervous tension which is ideal for those who are fatigued or feeling wired and tired.
Day formula:
  • Replenishes & nurtures adrenal glands
  • Balances stress & fights fatigue
  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Support for mental alertness
Night formula:
  • Nourishes while you sleep
  • Relieves tension
  • Promotes calmness
  • Supports sleep & relaxation
Overall Key Features:
  • Specifically formulated to support stress & adrenal fatigue (burnout)
  • 24 hour Adrenal Fatigue support
  • Two comprehensive formulas in one box – one day and one night
  • Contains Cordyceps mushroom

Pack size is a 30 day programme containing 60 capsules.

  • Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Do not use if blister seal is broken.
  • If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

Take 1 day formula in the morning with food.
Take 1 night restore formula before bed.

Day Formula Per Capsule:
Herbal extracts equivalent to dry:
Eleutherococcus senticosus root & rhizome (Siberian Ginseng) 1000mg
Ocimum tenuiflorum leaf (Holy Basil) 1000mg
Astragalus membranaceus root (Astragalus) 100mg
Withania somnifera root (Ashwagandha) 100mg
Also Contains: Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body (Cordyceps) 80mg (Equiv. to Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body fresh 800mg) 
Night Restore Formula Per Capsule:
Herbal extracts equivalent to dry:
Melissa officinalis leaf (Lemon Balm) 1200mg 
Humulus lupulus fruit (Hops) 750mg 
Withania somnifera root (Ashwagandha) 100mg 
Also Contains: Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body (Cordyceps) 60mg (Equiv. to Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body fresh 600mg)
No added: gluten, egg, dairy or soy.
No artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours.
  • 24 hour adrenal fatigue support
  • Two Formulas in one pack
  • Supports energy & balances stress
  • Helps to unwind and restore

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05-01-2021 10:41:06
Good Health Adrenal Day & Night
05-01-2021 10:41:06
The Day capsule makes me feel brighter and more motivated. The Night one didn't work very well. It would be good if they were available separately as an option.

25-11-2020 13:46:21
Love this product
25-11-2020 13:46:21
Before I purchased this product for the first time I really liked that it was two different pills for morning and night. When I initially tried the pills, I noticed a difference with my sleep immediately - my sleep was greatly improved. I didn't feel like the day pill was making any difference to me however. So I decided to stop buying it. Within about 3 or 4 days I was feeling so tired in the afternoons and realised it was because I had stopped taking this product. Turns out both morning and night pills were making a noticeable difference to me. Ordered more.

28-10-2020 08:40:43
Great for stress and energy
28-10-2020 08:40:43
I’ve been using this for a few months now and really notice a difference in my energy levels. Before taking this, there were so many times that I just didn’t have the energy to get up, and now I feel like a normal person again. What I dislike about it is that the pills get stuck in my throat every single time. Never have that problem with other pills!

10-10-2020 19:46:00
Simply Amazing for Stress and Anxiety!
10-10-2020 19:46:00
I'm a rather hypersensitive person, noises, scents, sounds, and at night it sets off my anxiety making it terrifying to live alone. I used to be on very strong sleeping pills and about 2 years ago I was finding they no longer helped. So cue 2 years of insomnia and living in fear of every possible situation that I could imagine, whenever I heard a sound I couldn't identify. The very first night of taking this, I heard a noise that was almost outside my house but further down the street. Instead of being completely locked up in fear, I brushed it off. I cannot stress how fantastic I felt when I realized I wasn't afraid. During the next day at work, I noticed I was a lot calmer, I didn't get frustrated nearly as easily, I wasn't jumping or being overwhelmed by sounds and scents and generally, I was happier. I wish I had discovered this sooner, and I cannot recommend this highly enough!

20-07-2020 09:26:51
excellent for banishing hot flushes
20-07-2020 09:26:51
Was waking up 3-4 times a night with hot flushes and then started taking this and they went. Gone. Such a relief to actually be able to sleep

15-10-2019 16:32:24
Did not restore
15-10-2019 16:32:24
Didn\'t get the relief that I was after. \nMy sleep did not improve.\nI did not notice a difference in my energy levels or mental alertness.

Laurel Sutherland
03-10-2019 18:30:23
Good Health Adrenal Balance Day & Night Restore
03-10-2019 18:30:23
After a Naturopath suggested Adrenal Balance to support dressed adrenals, I began using it, two months ago. Am so pleased with extra energy. Even more pleased with feeling balanced and calm as never before! The suggestion was to use the supplement for 3 months of which only 4 weeks remain. Very worthwhile!

21-02-2019 21:02:00
Restore me to balance
21-02-2019 21:02:00
I was recommended this product by my pharmacist, as I was having panic attacks, high aniexty and not sleeping well. I also had been a nail biter all my life.I am now so much calmer, no panic attacks and my sleeping improved dramatically. I also noticed that that I was not biting my nails and for the first time in my life I have long nails. Highly recommend.

17-02-2019 15:25:40
I noticed a real difference
17-02-2019 15:25:40
I started taking these after going to a Dr LIbby seminar discussing adrenal support for women my age and I really have noticed a big difference. I take a bit of a concoction of vitamins anyway but these have helped my sense of calm and my sleep.
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