Natural Digestive & Gut Health Supplements

A happy digestive system is essential for health, vitality and wellbeing. From probiotics and digestive enzymes to bitter tonics, supportive herbs and fibre, our digestive health supplements contain only good ingredients to support healthy food breakdown, comfortable digestion, regular bowel motions and healthy microbial balance.  

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It makes sense that a healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. Naturally, the food we eat is important. A varied, wholefood diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds is essential for digestive health. But our digestive function needs to be running smoothly, in order to obtain the nutrients we need from our food.

The importance of our digestive health shouldn’t be underestimated as it influences the health of all other body systems and is central to our health and wellbeing. Plus, as it makes up a large amount of our immune system and supports our detoxification processes by excreting toxins, supporting our digestive system benefits our overall health.

A digestive supplement can help in the following ways:

  • Bitters – to support the normal secretion of digestive juices for food breakdown
  • Fibre – to support regular bowel motions and detoxification
  • Prebiotics – to support the beneficial bacteria of the gut
  • Probiotics – to support the balance the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in our digestive system 
  • Herbs – to calm and support optimal digestion
  • Digestive enzymes – to support the breakdown of our food and absorption of essential nutrients

If you notice unexplained changes in bowel motions, abdominal pain or have any concerns please contact your health professional.

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