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Svetol 2800 - Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Good Health Svetol® 2800 contains Green Coffee Bean extract which has been clinically researched to help support heathy weight management and a healthy effective metabolism. It helps to support body fat through its natural effect on metabolism and supports healthy blood glucose levels in healthy individuals. 

The active ingredient, Chlorogenic acid, works by acting on the absorption of blood glucose in the digestive system, supporting the healthy balance of sugar levels in the blood. This action encourages the body to use stored fat instead of carbohydrates. This supports the utilisation of body fat in the body as the preferred source of fuel.

Many people find diet and exercise alone is not always enough and often hit a plateau in their weight management, supporting a healthy metabolism and digestion helps support long-term weight management.

Good Health Svetol® 2800 uses the clinically researched green coffee bean extract.


  • Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. 
  • The recommended dose of this supplement provides small amounts of caffeine. 
  • Diabetics consult your healthcare professional before use. 
  • Do not use if blister seal is broken or if tamper sticker is broken or missing. 
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Weight management products should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, exercise programme, and lifestyle changes.

Adults: Take 1 capsule before food twice daily.

Ingredients: (per capsule)

Svetol® Coffea canephora extract 200mg
(Green coffee bean) extract 1.4g
Equiv. Coffea canephora (1400mg)
Equiv. Chlorogenic acids 90mg
Encapsulating aids
No gluten, artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours used in this product.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.  
Good Health, Auckland.
  • Clinically researched ingredient to support healthy weight management
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Encourages a healthy BMI level
  • Supports healthy fat digestion

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30-01-2020 18:30:10
Appetite suppression low
30-01-2020 18:30:10
Bought this product for weight loss intention but didn\'t notice less of an appetite yet I will say it reduced the desire for carbohydrates and sweet type foods, so that in itself was a very healthy feature.

11-11-2019 18:30:06
I can't believe how good this is
11-11-2019 18:30:06
I\'ve been trying to lose weight for 15 years. I have never actually been able to stick to a diet for more than a day or two causing great consternation and hassle and eventually I suspect binge-eating disorder. After an extremely stressful life event in the last 2 years my weight shot from 76kg to 85kg and I was horrified (I am most comfortable at 65kg or under) and beginning to suffer multiple soft tissue injuries in my legs (I\'m very active). I have spent a year trying v hard to shift this excess and managed to slowly lose 100g a week for the past 3 months. Now I have only been taking Svetol for a week, but my 100g/week average weight loss has suddenly shot up to a 450g average (I use the app Happy Scale). This has NEVER happened to me before. The reason is because the pill makes me satisfied on much less food and I barely even think about food the rest of the time. It just makes me feel full. It does what Intuitive Eating is meant to do! I am truly stunned.

01-11-2019 18:30:12
Svetol 2800 Pure green Coffee Bean
01-11-2019 18:30:12
The product is not for me but for my wife but she doesn\'t know how to operate the computer so that is why it comes to me. She is however very satisfied with the product and has been using it for several years.

21-09-2019 18:30:09
What title?
21-09-2019 18:30:09
Well my wife has been using it for years and swears by it so it must be good. Can\'t tell a woman that she\'s wrong can you?

23-02-2019 19:20:23
Works well
23-02-2019 19:20:23
I had been exercising and toning up but finding it hard to actually shift the kgs. Since taking this product along with moderate exercise and healthy eating - I have lost 7kgs in 10 weeks. I have definitely changed my eating since being on these, however I do think they have been a big help in losing weight. Would recommend.

27-03-2017 15:56:27
27-03-2017 15:56:27
Have been on these tablets for two years I find that they reduce your food intake I have lost the cravings and don't eat as much. Have certainly noticed I am smaller that I have been.

17-02-2017 10:13:57
17-02-2017 10:13:57
This product worked well for me. As with any other weight loss supplement, this is to be taken on top of a healthy diet and exercise regime. I was sitting at 60 kg and despite diet and exercise i wasnt losing anymore weight.I was also experiencing hypoglycemia so i tend to eat more when i do which didnt help. For my height, i should be at 53kg (which I eventually reached after a couple of months). So over the course of taking this supplement, it helped curb my appetite and somehow eliminated my hypoglycemic episodes so i didnt overeat. I am not diabetic by the way. It seems like this product helped normalize my blood sugar levels. When i stopped taking this my symptoms came back. So i totally recommend green coffee bean extract to anyone trying to lose weight.

21-07-2016 19:21:59
Lowers my appetite
21-07-2016 19:21:59
I have found it really hard to stop eating junk while taking these so haven't noticed any real results, but I have noticed a decrease in my appetite when I take it which is what I most wanted from this product. So I think its great.

09-02-2016 01:58:10
Unfortunately not helpful at all
09-02-2016 01:58:10
Having read all the positive reviews I had high hopes for this product and ordered the larger size to give it a good test period. My goal was to lose 3 kgs Unfortunately it did not seem to do anything at all! I neither lost nor gained any weight.using this! It was completely inert.and did not effect energy levels or appetite.
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