Collagen forms a huge part of our skin structure, it’s the inner scaffolding that gives it strength and integrity. It keeps it firm, plump, and fresh looking.

A good  moisturiser can do wonders, but our body uses dietary nutrients to maintain and regenerate our skin, so it makes sense to approach it from the inside too. Providing our body with the raw materials it uses to replenish our skin like collagen seems like an obvious choice. Especially when you think about the research on collagen supplements.

Why is collagen so good for our skin health?

Research shows that collagen supports:

  • Healthy elasticity - for firm and smooth looking skin
  • Healthy hydration - for skin that’s plump and nourished
  • Healthy skin ageing – for young and fresh-looking skin

From age 25 onwards our collagen production slows down. While getting older is a natural process and we can feel gratitude for having fine lines that hold our memories, there are some ways we can gently ease the ageing effect on our skin. And, we're the first to admit having smooth and glowing skin is something we're all after. If we have science-based supplements that support healthy skin ageing and are naturally better for us -why not make the most of them?

Consistency is key with  collagen supplements – research shows the best results come from daily use.

We've tried and tested collagen beauty supplements and picked 10 top notch products we reckon you'll love. From best all-rounder, best elixir, best tasting and everything in between, these options are a great addition for your everyday.

Best All-Rounder

Before you Speak - Reset Decaf Coffee

BePure Collagen+ Vanilla has a synergistic blend of ingredients that work to support healthy looking skin. It’s easy to use with a yummy flavour, adding a subtle vanilla hint to any smoothie. It’s formulated using sustainably sourced marine collagen with antioxidants and ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Silica to nurture skin. While collagen is suitable for hot temps, the antioxidants in 

BePure Collagen+ can be affected by heat so it’s best used in food or drinks at room temperature or cooler.

“Nice flavour, not too sweet but maybe leaves a slightly sour aftertaste because of the herbs or vitamin C...? The ingredients look great, nice to have the Vitamin E tocotrienols and keratin as well as the herb for skin health.” - Liz

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Best Tasting

Locako Raw Cacao Coffee Creamer

Is taste just as important as effectiveness for you? The winner for taste is Locako Raw Cacao Coffee Creamer. This chocolatey coffee creamer gives a beautiful creaminess - without dairy, and it gives satisfying sweetness – without sugar. Locako dedicates plenty of passion and time to their product development and it shows! With bovine collagen for healthy skin support, you can level-up your morning coffee by stirring in two heaped teaspoons.

“Love this product 2 tsp in my coffee then quick whizz in nutribullet. So delicious and creamy.” - Lisa

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Best Marine Collagen

Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder - Vanilla

For marine collagen, Two Islands – Vanilla Beauty Powder gets our vote of confidence. Proudly NZ owned, Two Islands makes sure its marine collagen is sustainably sourced - like all the collagen HealthPost offers. This powder is very finely milled, so its super-soluble and easy to mix. Add it to your morning coffee or blend it into any liquid. It’s sweetened with natural monk fruit extract and completely sugar free - perfect if you’re watching your sugar intake.

“Great taste, great product, easy to mix and after almost finishing this first tub I've definitely noticed the difference.” - Lesley

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Best Bovine Collagen

Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty With Verisol +C

Winner of the Internal Beauty category in our Best of Natural Awards. Nutra Organics with Verisol +C came out on top for its intelligent formulation and ingredient quality. It contains bovine sourced Verisol, a scientifically researched form of collagen shown to support skin firmness and smoothness. With vitamin C-rich Camu Camu, Silica-rich Horsetail and Zinc to support healthy skin cells - it’s a winner.

“This product is so fast acting, I take it almost every morning and my skin just glows all day! It’s an absolute staple in my beauty cupboard!” - Courtney

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Best Vegan Collagen

Lifestream Collagen Beauty Booster

Here’s a plant-based collagen booster: Lifestream Collagen Beauty Booster. Yes, it’s not technically collagen per se but we didn’t want our vegans to miss out on skin-loving goodies! It contains plant-derived ceramosides plus hyaluronic acid providing support for hydrated looking skin. It does this by nurturing the lipid barrier that retains skin moisture, so it keeps hydration locked in. For visible results, start on two capsules daily, then after six weeks you can drop down to the maintenance dose of one capsule per day.

“Awesome, so happy to find a plant-based option for collagen that has hyaluronic acid too!" - Rebecca

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Best Keto Friendly Collagen

Locako Keto Collagen Vanilla White Chocolate

For smooth and fresh skin while maintaining ketosis try Locako Keto Collagen Vanilla White Chocolate. You can’t go past this for a sweet treat that’s low carb and completely sugar free. The Vanilla White Chocolate flavour tastes even better than it sounds, and it dissolves easily. The added MCT gives you extra support for body and mind. It’s gluten free, dairy free and the perfect complement to your keto diet.

“This is an excellent stir in for vanilla flavour in a hot drink with all the keto collagen health benefits.” - Rashel

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Best Tablets

NeoCell Super Collagen +C tablets have an advanced, highly bioavailable collagen the body can easily absorb and use. The formula is designed to support visibly firm and nourished skin. It has 60 mgs of Vitamin C, a key nutrient for collagen formation. With grass-fed bovine collagen, this is paleo friendly and great if you’re looking to support strong nails and healthy hair too.

“Love this product! I find it easier taking the tablets than having to mix a powder in a drink.” - Steph

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Best Gummies

Looking for an easy, delicious way to take your collagen beauty supplement? Radiance Collagen Beauty Gummies supports a smooth, youthful complexion and satisfies your sweet craving. They’re a great option if you’re not keen on powder or tablets. These gummies tick all the boxes. A scientifically researched beauty supplement and a tasty treat in one? Tick. Sweetness without sugar or carbs? Tick. They taste so great you’ll need to resist the temptation to chew more than the recommended 2 per day.

“I love them, so does my skin!” - Synove

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Best Elixir

Great tasting and no mixing needed, NeoCell Collagen +C Pomegranate Liquid can be taken straight off the spoon. This formula has bovine collagen blended with potent antioxidants to support healthy skin ageing from multiple angles. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage, the key driver of our normal ageing process. It uses food sources renowned for their plant nutrients like Green Tea, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Elderberry. These phytonutrients are their natural form - so they’re easily recognised and absorbed by the body.

“Fantastic product. Second purchase and many more to come.” - Lorraine

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Best Holistic Collagen

Looking for a beauty and wellness product in one? Radiance Beauty Sleep Powder offers a holistic approach that works on multiple levels. With marine collagen peptides combined with nutrients and herbs for sleep support. Getting enough beauty sleep is the foundation of healthy skin, which replenishes and repairs itself during deep sleep. This is a genius formulation, with L-theanine to support noticeable feelings of relaxation while Magnesium and Chamomile help with bedtime mind chatter. Research shows they support sleep quality too for a deep, skin-restoring sleep and a luminous complexion.

“Bedtime routine #1! Helps support a good nights sleep & is working its magic at the same time!” - Lisa

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Not sure where to start?

Try a BePure Sample Pack with convenient single serve sachets, it’s a great way to try both Vanilla and Chai flavours before choosing your BePure Collagen+canister flavour.

Extra self-care for skin health

  • Get quality sleep – skin regeneration happens during deep, restorative sleep, 7-8 hours is a good target.
  • An antioxidant rich diet – they protect against oxidation, the main driver of ageing, go for a bright rainbow of fruit and veges and keep the skin on where possible - that’s where the goodness is.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – this helps clear out toxins that drive ageing and it plumps up our skin cells, aim for 6-8 glasses of water per day. Don’t love water? Teas and Tonics count towards the total too!
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Always read the label. Use as directed. Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet.

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