6 Healthy Ideas To Keep Your Bubble Busy These School Holidays

Mother and young child making a smoothie together in the kitchen

Sometimes school holidays can bring added expectations and pressure, so new inspiration for keeping kids entertained can be a welcome gift. Here are some healthy ideas to keep your bubble busy, as well as support a healthy stress response and immune wellbeing.

1.Have a picnic

Get everyone involved in choosing and prepping the food together and spread a comfy blanket on the lounge floor or on the lawn. Sharing a meal together can stimulate oxytocin, our ‘cuddle hormone’, which increases feelings of closeness -great for family bonding. Oxytocin also quells cortisol, our stress hormone, so sharing food helps keep our stress response balanced.

2.Get creative in the kitchen

Get little hands involved with making delicious, healthy recipes. Whether you’re looking for healthy treats, snacks, or ideas for main meals, our  Healthy Recipes are full of inspiration. Developed and tested by our qualified Holistic Nutritionist Lena Fischer, they’re packed with wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients. And if your bubble’s anything like ours, the treats won’t last for long!

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3.Get active outside

Exercise is fantastic for the immune system. Researchers found that immune cells are better at finding and booting out invaders, straight after exercise. Make the most of a clear spring day to get outdoors – it has a bonus of time spent in nature, studies show it supports our stress response, which in turn, boosts our  immune health.

4.Start fermenting at home

It’s rewarding to make your own cheese, yoghurt, and kombucha from scratch. AND it keeps the little ones entertained with a science experiment in the kitchen - a win-win! Have a bonding session in the kitchen with easy-to-use DIY kits full of postbiotic goodness. From Kimchi to Kefir and everything in between, choose from our range of Fermented Food DIY kits.

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5. Try a spring mindfulness game

Using our five senses helps us focus on the present moment - great for our mindfulness practice and a fun game to keep kids entertained. Mindfulness is fantastic for our  immune health and mental wellness. Take turns to notice and identify the sights - like new shoots on trees, the sounds - like birds chirping, the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of soft petals on a flower, the taste of delicious Healthy Snacks... You’ll see our range of yummy, healthy snacks has something to please the whole family.

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6.Treat yourself and the kids to a DIY facial

Why not treat your troops' skin to a spa-quality facial at home and also create a fun school holiday activity with a Skin Care Face Mask. From charcoal and clay-based masks for skin detoxing and purifying, to biodegradable sheet masks for skin nourishment and moisture, our range of Skin Care Face Masks has something to suit all skin types. The kids will be entertained, and your skin will have a healthy glow.

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