Can a manicure moderate your mood? As woo-woo as it may sound, some studies suggest that ‘yes’, various shades can boost our mood. If your post-lockdown list includes a little self-care (and it should, looking after number one is a great way to induce good vibes!), consider painting your fingers and toes in a hue that puts a smile on your dial.

Feeling stressed?

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Blue is the hue for you if stress is getting the better of you. Reminiscent of blue-sky days or the sparkling ocean on a sunny seaside weekend, it’s no wonder blue has a calming effect on us. A couple of coats of  Hanami Tides Nail Polish will not only add a fresh burst of colour but might just make you feel a little more Zen too.

Feeling nervous?

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The colour of love and fiery passion, bold red is not for the faint of heart… or is it? Turns out if your nerves are feeling a little bit frazzled, a splash of  Hanami I Wanna Be Adored will imbue you with a sense of confidence, action and power.

Feeling bored?

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Royalty, luxury and magic spring to mind with the colour purple. If boredom has taken over and you don’t know what to do with yourself, a purple polish like  Hanami Hyssop of Love could be just the ticket. Purple is often considered the ideal shade to inspire creativity as it's a mixture of calming blue and fiery red. In other words, the best of both worlds. What’s not to love?

Feeling ‘blah’?

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If your energy levels are about as low as they can get, go ahead and give yourself a little boost with a glorious green. It’s a colour that suggests freshness and harmony…think lush green outdoor scenes, but as the traffic light ‘go’ colour, it’s a great way to uplift your vibe and put a spring in your step.  Hanami Octopuses Garden is a sophisticated deep forest green that is both beautiful and grounding and looks stunning all year round.

Feeling sad?

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Everyone knows that the colour of joy is a warm sunshine yellow and orange, so if you’re feeling a little blue, opt for bright yellow nails to add a pop of zesty colour and a little happiness into your heart.  Hanami Beams has a hint of tangerine dream that adds instant fun to your fingertips or toes.

Feeling ragey?

Shop for Hanami Crave You Nail Polish now

‘Pretty in pink’ may be the catchphrase, but if you’re feeling more ‘grrr’ than ‘gorgeous’, you can’t go past  Hanami Crave You, an utterly glorious pop princess pink to simmer down any negativity and encourage a sense of love, compassion, romance or kindness. It sings of spring and is sure to lift a gloomy mood.

Feeling confused?

Shop for Hanami Junie Nail Polish now

A blend of blue and green, turquoise is associated creativity, emotional balance, patience, and intuition. A happy hue that in colour psychology is said to create emotional balance and enhance clarity of thought, add a slick of  Hanami Junie when you want to boost your brain power.

HealthPost is proud to stock  Hanami 10-Free nail polish (they’ve skipped all the nasty toxic chemicals including DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, fragrances and animal ingredients as well as Benzophenone-1 and Styrene). Hanami is vegan friendly, cruelty-free as well as breathable and water permeable – so it’s better for your nails and Wudu-friendly too. Find out the truth about what’s in your nail polish here.

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