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For those who suffer frequently from ills and chills, winter isn’t exactly the most comfortable time of the year. Every year as winter approaches, we often hear news reports stating that “this winter will be the worst ever” which is never good news, especially for those who are often prone to catching the ills and chills of winter.

We dread the thought of running noses and foggy heads. Endless piles of tissues and restless nights of no sleep. Fortunately, there is an array of effective herbs found in nature that can help us to prepare for the season ahead.

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a special fruit that has been shown to provide acute immune system support through winter ills & chills. In addition, Elderberry may support recovery for winter ills and support temperature balance.

Elderberry’s therapeutic properties are thought to lie within special compounds that are found in the berry known as anthocyanins. These compounds give the Elderberry its distinct purple/black colour and help those prone to “winter bugs”.

Flavonoids are another ingredient that places elderberries in the category of “antioxidant-rich,” capable of preventing free radical cell damage.

Fun Fact: As a moniker, the term “elder” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon “aeld,” meaning fire, because the hollow stems of this plant were used to gently blow on flames to intensify the fire. “Sambucus” is a Greek word meaning “wind instrument.” Native Americans once used elderberry branches to make flutes, so the tree was sometimes called “the tree of music.”

Vitamin C has long been heralded as the vitamin of choice when it comes to supporting immune function, whilst the mineral Zinc can also play an important role in maintaining healthy immune function, thus offering support during the winter season. Both have also been used to aid normal tissue repair and wound healing processes.

The good news is that by combining the synergistic effects of natural herbal Elderberry with Vitamin C and Zinc means you can be prepared for the season ahead.

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