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Brianne West

Biochemist & Ethique Founder


Brianne is a biochemist and entrepreneur who channels her expertise into fostering regenerative business practices and changing business to do good for people and planet. As the founder and former CEO of Ethique and her newest startup Incrediballs, she has not only prevented 28 million plastic bottles from being wasted, but also sparked a broader movement towards real sustainability.

Committed to debunking 'greenwash', she educates consumers and guides businesses in the health and wellness community towards true eco-friendly initiatives.

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What does regenerative beauty mean to you?  
Regenerative beauty is a high bar! Regenerative beauty means going beyond sustainability to actively restore our planet. It's about more than creating products that do no harm; it's about producing goods that actively contribute to protecting and well, regenerating, the Earth, as well as protecting people and their way of life. This involves sourcing sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, using home compostable packaging, and ensuring all stages of production and distribution are climate positive. It also means not encouraging people buy products, for products sake.
What 3 tips would you give to someone who wants to shop more sustainably?  
  1. Do your research on things you care about - don't try and be perfect, pick one area you want to really understand (like fair trade for example) and look for brands that have clear, transparent info and aren't afraid to provide more details.

  2. Don't just believe the 'green' claims on the surface, take the time to investigate a brand's sustainability practices.  Opt for products with recyclable or compostable packaging, and brands that offer take-back or refill programs. This way, you're contributing to a system that minimizes waste and keeps resources in use for as long as possible.

  3. Most importantly - only buy what you need. True sustainability is dead easy - it's choosing not to purchase something unless it's something you really need and not just because you like that dress, or because you saw the newest foundation on TikTok.
If you had to pick one, what’s your favourite Ethique beauty bar?  
Good question... I would probably still pick Pinkalicious... after all these years! Such a good shampoo, and the best smell. Sorbet would be a close second. 
What are your daily wellbeing non-negotiables to feel good?  
Spending time outside, preferably with wildlife or my animals if I am at home on my lifestyle block. Spending some time alone, doing whatever I fancy, as long as it's NOT work. Reading, staring out the window, but whatever it is, just being alone is calming for an only child! 

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