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Meet our team of naturopaths, medical herbalists, nutritionists and eco-experts who are passionate about sharing their natural health and wellbeing knowledge. Bringing you tips to make better choices easier.

Liz McNamara

Liz McNamara

Dip Nat, Cert HbT, mNMHNZ

Registered Naturopath & Cosmetic Chemist

A registered Naturopath and Herbalist with over 19 years of experience in natural health, Liz is the Chairperson for Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists New Zealand, committed to progressing naturopathy as a regulated health profession. In 2020, Liz became a Cosmetic Chemist with an interest in high performing products with innovative, natural ingredients. As a former judge of the 2020 Best of Natural Awards, Liz is particularly passionate about brands who are making a positive difference to people and planet. Product Quality Guardian and Mindful Brands Committee member at HealthPost, Liz champions their strict ingredient standards and range curation, as well as guiding brands to make sustainable changes. Liz lives and breathes holistic health, and is driven to support others to lead healthier lives through empowering education.
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Rebecca Baylis

Rebecca Baylis

BHSc Comp Med., Adv.Dip NatMed., Adv.Dip HerbMed, mNMHNZ

Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist 

Rebecca graduated from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in 2008, and holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine as well as Advanced Diplomas in both Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from the same institute. Rebecca has clinical experience running her own practice, specialising in anxiety and mood disorders, in addition to working for and alongside other practicing naturopaths in a variety of capacities. This includes presenting educational seminars and workshops as well as creation of educational material and resources for practitioners and for the public throughout New Zealand and Australia. 
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Kate Hall

Kate Hall - Ethically Kate

Kate is an expert on sustainability and eco-living, showing us how to easily live more lightly on our beautiful planet. Writer of the popular blog Ethically Kate, Kate shares her passion and tips for an easy ecofriendly lifestyle, from how to take steps towards a zero-waste home, to how to make more ethically fashion and everyday choices. 
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Jane Cronin

Jane Cronin - Clinicians

Dip Nat, Dip HerbMed, mNMHMZ

Holistic Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Jane is a Holistic Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and is the senior product specialist with Clinicians. She is passionate about product development and is proud to work for a brand that is based on integrity and quality. As well as product development and offering naturopathic support for Clinicians, Jane also enjoys seeing clients and helping others when health challenges arise. 
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Lena Fischer

Lena Fischer

Dip Nut.

Holistic Nutritionist

Lena is a Holistic Nutritionist with a Diploma in Nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. Lena is passionate about combining her knowledge of nutrition and love of food to create delicious healthy recipes using whole food ingredients. She believes that food and good nutrition is one of, if not, the most important aspect of good health and that if we treat our body with love and respect and it will do the same. 
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Sarada (Sally Martin) - Organic India

Adv.Dip. Health Sc. (Nat), Yoga Siromani, B.Bus (Comms) 

Sarada (Sally Martin) graduated as a Naturopath and Western Medical Herbalist from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM) in 2004. Already a trained Yoga Instructor, Sarada specialised in detoxification and cleansing programmes drawing from both Eastern and Western philosophies in private practice as well as in retreat environments.   

With a passion for healthy, conscious living, Sarada followed a values-driven path that united her earthy, nature-based upbringing with a fascination for Yoga and Ayurvedic philosophies.

For over 11 years Sarada has worked solely with Organic India in various capacities from
Wellness Advisor, Wellness Researcher and Writer, Assistant to the Founders and Board, and in the last few years, as Team Leader for Organic India Australia & New Zealand.

Sarada lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, with her partner and two daughters. 

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Sandra Clair

Dr Sandra Clair - Artemis

PhD Health Sciences  

Sandra Clair is one of New Zealand’s most highly qualified Swiss-trained medical herbalists, a medical anthropologist (M.A.) and the founder of traditional plant medicine company Artemis. She completed a PhD in Health Sciences at the University of Canterbury in 2019,  looking at the health policy challenges in regulating traditional medicines in the era of contemporary evidence-based practice and health policy. 

Sandra is an expert in traditional plant medicine for self-care. She is driven by the genuine desire to make it easy and pleasurable to look after our health. Her vision is to share her proven medical knowledge of plants so that New Zealanders will discover how they can heal us and keep us well.  

Growing up in Switzerland, Sandra undertook a traditional apprenticeship with Franciscan nun, midwife and medical herbalist, Sister Pauline, who connected her with the Materia Medica, a 500-year-old pharmacopeia of Traditional European Medicine.

She is a member of the NZAMH committee, aiming to help grow the professional body and promote the profession of medical herbalists. For her work at Canterbury University, she was recognised as a UC Alumni Ambassador. She actively works with media and the government to position plant medicine as an important healthcare option in New Zealand and sat on the Ministry of Health Permitted Substances Subcommittee. 
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Brianne West

Brianne West - Ethique

Founder & CEO Ethique

Brianne West is a New Zealand entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Ethique, the world’s most sustainable lifestyle and beauty brand. Ethique has, to date, prevented the manufacture and disposal of over 8 million plastic bottles worldwide.

Brianne’s passion for environmental conservation coupled with her background in cosmetic chemistry and desire to create a business that went beyond profit led her to establish Ethique. Born out of the idea to rid the world of plastic bottles, Ethique produces a range of solid beauty bars (not soap), wrapped in compostable cardboard packaging. After just eight years of trading, Ethique is now distributed in over 16 countries around the globe and is valued in excess of $100 million.

Recognised as one of New Zealand’s most successful social enterprises, Ethique has scaled rapidly without compromising on Brianne’s core mission of purpose over profit. Every bar is made using only sustainable, certified vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free ingredients, and wrapped in certified compostable packaging. Ethique is New Zealand’s highest ranking BCorp and is living wage certified, carbon positive, plants one tree for every order and donates 20% of its annual profits to charity. Ethique’s Super Soap Project has donated 30,000 bars of soap since 21st of April 2020 to vulnerable communities across New Zealand and the South Pacific in response to COVID-19.

Brianne’s success with Ethique has seen her awarded as the EY Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Stuff NZ Women of Influence (business enterprise) and named as an Obama Foundation Leader.
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Brianne West

Elizabeth Barbalich - Antipodes

Founder & CEO Antipodes

Antipodes founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich was searching for natural skincare that offered the same benefits as conventional skincare – but using pure New Zealand ingredients that were independently and scientifically validated.

That personal quest turned into a trailblazing scientific green beauty company which has won both global fans and awards for combining premium New Zealand products, including raw super-fruit extracts, with science and innovation to produce high-tech certified organic and premium formulations.

Hailing from a small town on New Zealand’s beautiful Canterbury Plains, Elizabeth is the youngest child of a preacher father and a teacher mother. She studied science, business, and natural health before spending eight years in a sales role for a US surgical corporation that pioneered technology for keyhole surgery. Science, innovation, nature, and beauty have always been a part of Elizabeth’s life. Raising her children led to an interest in creating a non-toxic household.

Elizabeth scoured the world for natural skincare that performed as well as the conventional brands she used. Finding none, she decided to make her own, and launched Antipodes in 2006. Now sold in four continents, Antipodes headquarters is based in the cool, creative capital of Wellington.
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Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker - BePure

Clinical Manager & Lead Researcher, BePure

Lisa is a qualified Nutritionist and has been a practising Clinician with the BePure Clinic for over 5 years. She leads the BePure Clinical team and champions industry-leading clinical excellence, research and practice across the BePure Group. 

Combining extensive training in areas such as how our lifestyle affects our genes, hormone health, nutrition and the microbiome with in-depth clinical experience across hundreds of clients, Lisa is one of the leading natural health minds in New Zealand. 

Lisa is also BePure’s Lead Researcher, responsible for product formulations, and is affectionately referred to as our walking encyclopaedia due to her near-photographic memory for research, clinical trials, and studies.
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Celine Wallace

Celine Wallace - Sattva Soul

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Therapist

Celine Wallace is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, Trauma Counsellor, and the founder of Sattva Soul Retreats and Sattva Soul Supplements.  After reaching burnout from a decade of non-stop busyness and a depleted nervous system that nothing seemed to nourish, Celine sought alternative ways to heal herself inside-out. She went on to study yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda in Bali, India, and Sri Lanka. ​ Celine’s passion lies in helping women find the best version of themselves and their 'Sattva,' which means 'Balance' in Sanskrit, before they reach burnout and without having to travel halfway around the world to find answers. She supports women through one-on-one Ayurvedic sessions and counselling, transformational international retreats, and the Sattva Soul Supplements range of organic Ayurvedic supplements. 
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Marnie Arruda

Marnie Arruda

Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Marnie holds a Bcom (Hons) from Otago University, graduating from Wellpark College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Diplomas in Herbal Medicine & Nutrition. Following graduation she worked in a Natural Health Clinic, and since 2015 has been the Product Trainer for Weleda. Marnie has a big heart and loves connecting with people. She is passionate about mother nature, along with all areas of natural health, natural fertility, and women's health. Now as a mum to a three year old she takes a natural approach to family health and nutrition within her family. Along with Marnie’s care for the environment, her personal values match perfectly with Weleda’s - natural, ethical and sustainable. She feels incredibly blessed to be aligned with and representing such a socially responsible company. 
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