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Adv.Dip. Health Science (Naturopathy), Yoga Siromani, B.Bus.Communications

Sarada (Sally Martin) graduated as a Naturopath and Western Medical Herbalist from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM) in 2004. Already a trained Yoga Instructor, Sarada specialised in detoxification and cleansing programmes drawing from both Eastern and Western philosophies in private practice as well as in retreat environments.

With a passion for healthy, conscious living, Sarada followed a values-driven path that united her earthy, nature-based upbringing with a fascination for Yoga and Ayurvedic philosophies.

For over 11 years Sarada has worked solely with Organic India in various capacities from Wellness Advisor, Wellness Researcher and Writer, Assistant to the Founders and Board, and in the last few years, as Team Leader for Organic India Australia & New Zealand.

Sarada lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, with her partner and two daughters.

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