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Question: How can I treat baby eczema?

Both of my children have had eczema since they were babies. I read somewhere that caesarean babies (which they both were) miss out on valuable flora and that probiotics can be helpful. I wondered if you had any other advice that could help me, I am so sick of using hydrocortisone, but to date it has been the only thing that keeps it at bay.

HealthPost response:

The first thing to do is address the children's diets and this is best done by a local naturopath who can also ask a variety of questions to ascertain specifics about your children’s conditions. You can find a naturopath in your area by going to their website.

Probiotics can certainly help, and yes, you are right, caesarean births do not expose the infant to the normal micro flora that a vaginal birth does, thus inhibiting the correct inoculation of the bowel from birth. You may want to consider Ethical Nutrients Eczema Shield which may be given to children and can help with this reinoculation.

Omega 3 fatty acids can also help balance inflammatory processes in the body and are worth considering for baby eczema treatment. Here are some links to Omega 3 products designed for children…

Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA (more pricey but exceptionally high quality)
Efamol Efalex
Good Health O-Mega 3 bursts
Nutra-Life Omega Smart Bites
Comvita Kids Omega-3 Fusion
Waihi Bush Flax Magic – from flaxseed oil (great alternative to fish oil)

Topically, Weleda Eczema Comp. Cream can help with the itching. Other products that people find helpful for baby eczema are Tui Bee Balme or Malcolm Harker’s Skin Peace Lotion. Read the customer reviews on these products by clicking on ‘Read all Reviews’ when you are on the product page.

We hope you find something here that helps your children.

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