BePure Immune Loving Lemonade

Wake up and kick-start your family's day with this delicious, immune loving lemonade to support optimal immune wellbeing. Flavoured with your choice of orange or lemon slices, it’s a delicious option for the whole family – ages 6 and up. Not to mention, this immune elixir makes the perfect morning or after school refreshment for your little ones.

Easy to make and quick to prepare, this recipe calls for sparkling or still water, and features our favourite BePure products: Super Boost C and Vit D Restore – superb for optimal immune wellbeing and he feeling full of energy and supporting overall wellness.

And since ills and chills can pop up any time of the year, why not give this refreshing drink a go? Here to add an extra wellness boost in your diet, make it yours with just four simple ingredients. Did we mention it’s incredibly tasty too?

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Safe for the whole family ages 6 and up, making this a perfect morning or afternoon immune elixir immunity boost for the kids, and just in time for back to school.

For feel-good energy: Super Boost C

Packed to the brim with vitamin  AC and E, this multi-vitamin powder works to support daily energy – keeping you energised and feeling well. It also includes bioflavonoids like zinccalcium and magnesium – so you can fuel your body with nutrients it’ll thank you for. Bioflavonoids work by recycling the vitamin C electron in your body – meaning you get twice amount of vitamin C – talk about being ‘Super’! Easily absorbed and delicious, you’re sure to love this impressive formula.

Your sunshine in a bottle: Vit D Restore

Get your daily dose of vitamin D with these liquid drops. Formulated with naturally sourced  MCT oil to support good energy, it’s a great option to add to your everyday. On top of being pleasant to taste, it’s terrific for adding to water, your favourite wellness tonic, or in this delightful recipe.

For extra immune-loving support: BePure Zinc RestoreBePure Immune Action

Take care of your wellbeing by pairing this delicious beverage with a capsule of BePure  Zinc Restore at the end of your morning meal or try BePure Immune Action capsules – a high strength formula loaded with bioavailable echinacea, beta-glucans, ginger and marshmallow root.


  • 1 C water—room temperature or cold, still or sparkling
  • 1 tsp BePure Super Boost C
  • 0.5ml BePure Vit D Restore
  • Slice and a squeeze of fresh lemon and/or orange


  1. Add Super Boost C and Vit D Restore to the cup of water.
  2. Stir until well mixed.
  3. Add a squeeze and slice of lemon and orange (both are divine, but lemon or orange alone is also delish!)
  4. For best absorption, drink this when you wake up on an empty stomach, around 30 minutes before eating.  
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