Benefits of Using Echinacea to Build Your Immunity

One of the most empowering things about using high potency herbal medicine is the opportunity to actually support, boost and build a robust and vital immune system. It is immensely satisfying to utilise herbal medicine in this way, seeing and feeling the ways in which you and your family are better equipped to fight off lurgies in all shapes and forms. I always feel so proud of my body and my immune system when I’ve managed to dodge a bug that is going around, or stop a tickly throat in its tracks before it develops into something worse.

So – how can we support our hard-working immune troops? How do we help them mobilise and fight off those invaders? The answers, as ever, are many. Sleep, nutrition, calm minds, these are all cornerstones of good immune function. Herbal medicine however has the unique capacity to boost our own immunity, a claim backed up by increasing amounts of good quality research and clinical trials.

People often ask me what the very best thing is for supporting their immunity. I always answer: Echinacea. We have the opportunity to use high quality New Zealand grown organic Echinacea Root. I have seen it growing, I have met the growers, I have used it myself for many years in my clinic and have heard countless wonderful stories from people who have benefitted from this marvellous plant.

Echinacea supports the body’s own production of immune cells and immune activity. It also supports the body’s immune defences against invaders. It also can aid in reducing irritation and improving tissue repair. Historically Echinacea was used for all kinds of illnesses from ills and chills to snakebites!

Like any medicine, the power of Echinacea is in the quality of the plant, the potency of the preparation, and the correct dosage. Luckily, Echinacea can ‘tell’ you when it’s working, and when it’s good quality, as it will make your tongue and mouth ‘tingle’! The active constituents in Echinacea are the alkylamides, concentrated in high amounts in the root. These little phytochemicals give you a distinctive buzz in the mouth and make you salivate, there is no hiding quality! In a liquid, this is obvious, but if you have a capsule and are game, just open it up and try it for yourself. Once you know this, you may even look forward to it, it’s a sign that you’re ingesting the best.

Use Echinacea root once daily as a preventative to help build immunity, but if you feel something coming on, ramp up the dosage to 4-5 times daily for optimal effect. This dosing is what the research supports, and it really does make a difference!

Echinacea can be combined with other herbal medicines and extracts to suit different people or situations:

  • Combine with Manuka Honey for added immune defence.
  • Combine with NZ Blackcurrants and Elderberries for optimal antioxidant effects; great for those suffering low immunity due to stress, air travel, or aging.
  • Combine with Olive leaf and Mullein for specific respiratory support. For protection for people who are particularly prone to chest congestion or irritation.
  • Combine with Thyme and New Zealand Thyme honey to soothe children’s dry and irritated throats.
  • The other great combination is using Echinacea in a throat spray along with other powerful extracts such as pure  New Zealand Manuka essential oil, Kawakawa, Propolis and Thyme. Using the herbs directly onto the throat gently cools the tissues and reduces irritation, helping to ease the discomfort of the throat while directly supporting the immune defences. This is a wonderful way to enhance your first line of immune defence when travelling, especially in airplanes. Singers, teachers, and people who talk a lot also benefit from a herbal throat spray to keep their throats clear and well lubricated.

There is a high potency Echinacea root for every age and stage; explore and find the right one for you and your family, and help yourselves to strong and robust immunity this season.

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KiwiHerb Echinature contains the classic immune herb, manufactured from certified organic NZ Echinacea purpurea root. Kiwiherb Children's Echinature is made from Bio-Gro certified organic Echinacea root. It has a great taste, is alcohol and preservative free and is suitable for children of all ages.

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