Coconut Oil and its benefits

For the love of Coconut Oil! Spread it, Eat it, Use it for everything!!!

Is there no end to the ways we can use this glorious oil?  From Beauty & Baking to Bee Stings & Baby’s Bottoms, Coconut Oil is simply the BEST!

Read on and you'll discover so many HealthPost customers’ favourite ways to use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil…

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Coconut Oil uses

  • Use as a butter/marg substitute on bread or toast, in cooking stirfrys
  • Use it for cooking, skin and hair!”
  • Roast Veges, Oat Bars, Right off the spoon
  • Making raw chocolate treats
  • Great for energy / recovery before and after exercise. 
  • On sun burn or to moisturise
  • Takes the place of butter
  • To gently cook pancakes in, instead of butter
  • Coconut oil makes a divine Chocolate Icing!! perfect consistency. Just melt a tablespoon or two in with your Chocolate Icing Mix with some boiling water.  Your cake will look professional.
  • As a moisturiser and for cooking
  • In cooking and in your hair

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