Remedies for acidic stomach

That was a trick question. Technically speaking, you can’t feel acidic at all! This is because your body works tirelessly to maintain a strict equilibrium – the pH of your blood is always slightly alkaline. It is held within a very narrow range by your body (7.35—7.45).  However, you can put pressure on this delicate balancing act by not supporting your body. This process requires certain nutrients to allow it to efficiently ‘mop up’ excess acid.

If your body doesn’t get these nutrients from your diet, it will ransack your bone & muscle tissue for the minerals and amino acids it requires. When this happens, it can lead to a range of imbalances and health conditions.

While it sounds like things can get serious if you have a pH imbalance, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some simple changes (dietary, supplemental & lifestyle) that you can make to help support your body.

The scales are weighed more heavily in one direction

You may be surprised to know, that most acids in the body originate as metabolic by-products or end-products. This means that your body can become acidic due to the improper functioning of various systems in your body (digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and genitourinary).

Only small amounts of acidic substances actually enter the body via food & drink such as coffee, alcohol, sugar and processed foods.  So, while in general it pays to moderate the amount and the frequency with which you consume these, your acid/alkaline balance is more dependent on how well you run your body, and on how well your body runs.

These health concerns contribute to acid-load in your body:

  • Improper digestion
    Poor digestion can cause you to ferment partially digested food in an undesirable part of your digestive tract. This fermentation can then cause an increase in ‘bad’ bacteria which can increase lactic acid production.
  • Stress & worry
    Stress impacts on many processes within the body. Stress can negatively affect stomach acid which leads to poor digestion. Poor digestion can lead to the production of lactic acid. Stress also contributes to worrying which can also create lactic acid.
  • Overworking or vigorously working your muscles
    This creates lactic acid.

Poor elimination can also contribute to acid-load, for example:

  • Incorrect breathing or poor lung function
    The lungs dispose of carbonic acid (by eliminating CO2)
  • Poor kidney function
    Only the kidneys can rid the body of phosphoric, uric, & lactic acids, and ketone bodies (acidic).

Having a buffered body is more important than having a ‘buff’ body

Your body naturally maintains its pH balance. Your only job is to make its job as easy as possible! You can do this by providing your body with all the support it requires.

To minimise the ransacking of your muscles and bones (to buffer your blood) you need to:

  • Eat mineral & protein rich foods
    Eat a primarily plant-based diet (veggies, fruit, legumes, quinoa, nuts, seeds)
  • Cut back on mineral deplete (processed) food, and moderate your intake of coffee, alcohol, and sugar.
  • Minimise your stress levels
    If you need help, then ask for it! Also, take specific supplements such as B-group vitamins and magnesium that can support you during this time. Reducing stress can help your digestion to function more effectively, as well as help to you breathe more fully. (These help to support your pH balance.)
  • Do regular (mild to moderate) exercise
  • Drink adequate amounts of filtered water

It’s also a wise idea to supplement your diet daily. It’s not always easy to ‘do the things you know you need to do’ to ensure your good health.  Therefore, take a simple but specifically formulated blend that contains alkalising and detoxing organic ingredients such as ginger, lemon, beetroot, ‘greens’ (barley grass & wheat grass) and herbs like peppermint, coriander and fennel.  A supplement such as this can support your body to run more efficiently, by assisting digestion and by providing the nutrients & the energy it requires to do its house-cleaning more effectively (ensuring your cells run well, dislodging accumulated toxins and clearing these from your body).

The moral of this blog-post? Improving your all-round well-being helps to support healthy pH balance.

TAPS No: PP1068

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