Gripe Water - Relief For Little Tummies

There’s the initial phase of bliss when you bring home your newborn, sleepy bundle of deliciousness. But, things can change at the 3 – 4 week mark and you may wonder what happened to your calm, contented baby. They may become fussy, gassy and have trouble settling.

Crying inconsolably for what seems like hours every day may be the result of digestive discomfort or colic. This can cause flow-on stress and potential exhaustion in parents and carers.

Gripe Water contains well tolerated natural herbs to soothe digestive discomfort and wind. It also works on the nervous system to soothe irritability and restlessness. Used for generations - from Canada to Europe and most places in between, the formula has been modified over the years to remove sugar and alcohol content.

It can be challenging to calm and soothe an unhappy, colicky baby. Fortunately, they’re often able to find relief from passing wind or after a bowel motion.

What is colic?

Colic symptoms:

  • Red flushed face when crying
  • Clenched fists
  • Tight tummy muscles
  • Baby lifts knees up to chest
  • Bloated hard tummy

The Rule of Three

Defining Colic is often based on the ‘rule of three’:

  • Crying episodes that lasts more than 3 hours at a time
  • Episodes that occur 3 days per week or more
  • Episodes persist for at least 3 weeks in a row

The Effect of Mum’s Diet

Research shows maternal diet also plays a part. While breastfeeding, Mum’s diet can influence digestive comfort and distress in baby. Try to keep a simple diet, rich in green veggies, high quality protein, lots of unrefined, whole foods and stay well hydrated. Avoiding onion, cruciferous veggies, spices, coffee, chocolate and dairy can also help settle a sensitive wee tummy.

Newborn hiccups

Hiccups sometimes accompany colic and discomfort in babies. This may be due to feeding too quickly, swallowing air while feeding and inadequate winding/burping after feeds. The stomach expands, putting pressure on the diaphragm, leading to irritation and subsequent baby hiccups.

Calming herbs support digestive function while offering calming effects on the nervous system too. An uncomfortable tummy often leads to an upset, overtired baby who can’t wind down as easily as they should be able to.

Gripe Water ingredients

Gripe Water has sometimes been found to be helpful for upset tummies in infants. Ingredients often contain the following beneficial herbs.

  • Fennel – Known as an effective digestive aid that soothes and calms the tummy. Fennel has a mild licorice flavour – it supports relaxation of the stomach muscles, gas and bloating. Active constituents can also pass through breast milk to calm an unsettled baby.
  • Chamomile – Used to soothe both the tummy and nervous system. Chamomile can be a beneficial addition to support an uncomfortable, sleepless baby. This soothing herb can support settled sleep through its calming action on the nervous system.
  • Dill – Supports settling the stomach, gas and calms the hiccup reflex. It supports healthy relaxation of gastrointestinal muscles.
  • Ginger – Supports a soothed and calm digestive system. This gentle, warming herb can support healthy tone of muscles in the digestive system.

Listen to your baby’s cues. All babies cry, that’s their only way of communicating with us – it is a biologically innate response of parents to respond to this cry. Herbs can provide much needed support for uncomfortable little tummies and desperate parents. 

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