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While May 8 marks Mother’s Day, it’s always a good time to celebrate the mums in our life. From raising and inspiring us, to being our biggest supporters, let’s give back to the ones who always have our back.

And although Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration, we know it’s a tough time for many. This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating every mum - the stand-in-mums, pet-mums, business-mums, dad-mums and other mother figures in our lives – who all deserve to be celebrated on this special day.

For a healthier choice with people and planet in mind, this gift guide features our Mindful Brands. So whether they’re an avid adventurer, a foodie fanatic or a self-care enthusiast, here are 10 mindful gift ideas for every kind of mum in our life this Mother’s Day.

1. For the mum that deserves a massage: Body oil

When relaxation calls, there’s nothing better than a reinvigorating massage to help them feel refreshed and restored. For what’s sure to feel like a day at the spa (but within the comfort of their own home), surprise them with a luxurious body or facial oil. Perfect for the mums with tired muscles or who could do with some extra TLC.

Evolu Seeds of Love Superflora Dry Oil

Top pick: Evolu Seeds of Love Superflora Dry Oil

For a revitalising beauty oil they’ll appreciate,  Evolu Seeds of Love Superflora Dry Oil is a versatile option that works wonders across both their face, body and hair. Not to mention, it was also a Best of Natural Awards 2020 winner. Whether they’re looking for a massage oil to unwind with after a busy day or a multi-tasking beauty essential that does it all, this superb oil is guaranteed to make them smile. With a subtle but beautifully smelling fragrance – and no greasy residue, this all-in-one oil contains a premium blend of argan, sweet almond and kawakawa to deeply hydrate and renew.

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2. For the mum that loves self-care: Beauty & body

We all deserve to indulge in self-care, so why not treat the mum in your life to a gift that will help them recharge and relax? While self-care can be broad – a walk in the park, eating fresh foods and staying hydrated, it also means pampering their mental and physical wellbeing with things that feel good. Support a refreshed and uplifted mood with our range beauty & body - sure to bring calm and serenity to their day.

SCOUT Organic Active Beauty Skin Therapy Glow System Brush

Top pick: SCOUT Organic Active Beauty Skin Therapy Glow System Brush

For a mindful facial massage, go on and treat them with this  SCOUT Organic Active Beauty Skin Therapy Glow System Brush. Featuring rose quartz crystals, take their self-care routine to a new level with an option that supports a healthy and radiant complexion. Packaged in eco-friendly packaging and suitable for all skin types – especially sensitive skin, pair this multi-functional brush with their favourite serums and oils for the ultimate self-care essential. A beautiful gift that brings out their glow.

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3. For the foodie mum: Baking mixes

Who wouldn’t love the idea of having a personal chef for the day? Get busy in the family kitchen with our delicious range of baking mixes. For the mum who’s a total foodie, surprise them with homemade delights. An easy, simple and thoughtful gift that will feel as good as it tastes – and one you can enjoy together.

Mrs Rogers Cacao Fudge Brownie Wholefood Baking Mix

Top pick: Mrs Rogers Cacao Fudge Brownie Wholefood Baking Mix

Satisfy sweet cravings with this delectable  Mrs Rogers Cacao Fudge Brownie Wholefood Baking Mix. Made from nourishing ingredients like coconut sugar, cacao powder and ground almonds, this nutritious, tasty mixture is crafted with all the good stuff – so they can indulge their tastebuds and feel good about it too. Packed in eco-friendly packaging that’s recyclable and compostable, this treat is a vegan-friendly choice free from dairy, refined sugars and gluten. Alternatively, surprise her with a nutritionist-approved recipe like our  sugar free triple chocolate protein muffins – the perfect afternoon pick me up.

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4. For the mum that’s always on the go: Functional mushrooms

For the mum who's always on the go, keep their wellness top of mind with  functional mushrooms. Renowned for providing an array of benefits to the body – including sound sleep, mental clarity and an effortless glow, spoil the mum in your life to a wellness boost of health-loving ‘shrooms here to keep them going when they need it, and help them slow down when they need to rest.

Misty Day Plant Potions Reishi Extract

Top pick: Misty Day Plant Potions Reishi Extract

Dubbed the ‘powerful queen of the fungi family’, Functional Mushroom Reishi offers powerful qualities we could all do with more of. Great for supporting a restorative mind, restful sleep, a healthy immune system and balanced energy levels, it’s easy to see why this fungi is a favourite. Not to mention, it’s packaged in mindful materials free from plastic, and  Misty Day have a transparent supply chain - sourcing organic ingredients where possible.

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5. For the tea-loving mum: Teas & tonics

For a nourishing brew, our teas & tonics have you covered. Whether they’re habitual with their daily cuppa or after something restorative, welcome wellness with options that will leave them feeling good.

OKU NZ Restore NZ Native Herb Blended Tea

Top pick: OKU NZ Restore NZ Native Herb Blended Tea

Treat them to an organic tea blend, featuring wild-crafted New Zealand native herbs like Kawakawa, Kumarahou, Manukā, and Karamu. Packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube,  OKU NZ Restore NZ Native Herb Blended Tea is a nourishing choice for them to enjoy any time of day. Featuring notes of cinnamon and nettle leaf, bring a sense of calm to their day with this comforting tea.

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6. For the mindful mum: Essential oils

If aromatherapy is big on their wellness list, essential oils are a must. These bouquets in bottles offer up more than just a beautiful scent. Essential oils provide wonderful benefits to our mind and body and make a great gift for every mindful mum. With options to comfort, soothe, relax, or uplift – they’ll be well used and loved.

Absolute Essential Rose 3% in Jojoba Organi

Top pick: Absolute Essential Rose 3% in Jojoba Organi

For a restorative essential oil that works in multiple ways,  Absolute Essential Rose 3% in Jojoba Organic is a beautiful choice. This skin-ready, ethically traded blend is exceptionally nourishing and works well as a facial or body oil for sensitive skin types, as a perfume when dabbed around neck and pulse points, or in their favourite diffuser. Rose offers a tender flora scent while Jojoba helps deliver deep nutrition and omegas for optimal skin health.

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7. For the adventurous mum: Reusable drink bottle

For the avid adventurer who enjoys travelling and trying new things, be sure to surprise them with one of our eco-friendly  Reusable Drink Bottles – a must-have when they’re always on the move. From stainless steel to glass, our range isn’t just good for our environment, but it’s a healthier option for your loved one too. With aesthetically pleasing colours and styles to choose from, they make a lovely gift idea.

BBBYO Glass Is Greener Carry Cover Bird Print

Top pick: BBBYO Glass Is Greener Carry Cover Bird Print

For the mum who loves the outdoors or travelling, tick off their getaway checklist with this travel essential. Free from BPA,  BBBYO Glass Is Greener Carry Cover Bird Print is a sustainable choice that’s easy to clean, shock-absorbing and made from recyclable glass – a convenient gift that saves on waste and is great for our planet. For their next hiking trip, be sure to explore our  5 Camping Essentials: Your Checklist For Feel-Good Getaways.

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8. For the wellness mum: Collagen

Loved for supporting many areas of our health – including healthy joints, hair growth, smooth and hydrated skin and a healthy gut, collagen is worth adding to their gift list this May. Whether they’re all about healthy aging or taking care of their inner health, collagen is a superb addition for all the wellness mums out there.

Clinicians Rejuvenate with Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid

Top pick: Clinicians Rejuvenate with Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid

For an energising lift in their day, Clinicians Rejuvenate with Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid is an all-rounder. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and avocado oil, these supplements are wonderful for nourishing healthy skin, strong nails and luscious locks. Being socially responsible,  Clinicians give back to their community with charity donations and are transparent about their supply chain.

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9. For the skincare loving mum: Gift Packs

Spread double the love on their special day with double the gifts. Our gift packs are great for the mums who love variety – and even better for when you want to cover all bases. Featuring two or more items, give them more options with a hassle-free gift idea they’ll love. For the skincare enthusiast, our range of skincare gift packs are a thoughtful choice.

Healthier Skin Heroes

Top pick: Healthier Skin Heroes

For plant-powered beauty that will feel divine on their skin this Mother’s Day, surprise them with Antipodes Healthier Skin Heroes – a skincare set for their evening ritual. Featuring three Antipodes best-sellers for the price of one:

  • Mini Divine Face Oil Rosehip & Avocado Oil – a nutrient-rich facial oil to nourish tired skin
  • Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream – a weight-less moisturising cream with plant hyaluronic acid
  • Mini Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask – Mineral rich New Zealand mud to hydrate and brighten
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10. For the mum who has everything: e-Gift Card

e-Gift Cards

e-Gift Cards

Stuck for choice? Let them choose with our e-Gift Cards - a mindful and convenient Mother's Day gift for the one who has everything. Choose an amount between $20-$500, add a personalised message and we’ll sort the rest. Running low on time? Our e-Gift Cards arrive instantly.

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No matter who you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day, these mindful gift ideas are sure to make them smile.

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