3 surprising ways to get the most out of your artemis tea

Emily Boese shares 3 surprising ways to use artemis tea

Tea lover? Us too. Whether a nourishing cuppa is part of your morning ritual, 3pm slump, or favourite way to catch up with friends – there’s nothing a tea can’t fix.

And when it comes to high-quality herbal teas backed by traditional, plant formulas – artemis leads the way.

For over 25 years, artemis have been New Zealand made and trusted – here to support you and your family’s wellbeing. An honour we don’t take lightly.

Big fan of our herbal teas or new to our range? Let’s get to know each other better – and learn our favourite fun ways that you can get out of your artemis tea.

3 surprising ways to get the most out of your tea

Our general recommendation for all our teas is to use one level tsp per cup and infuse for 5-10 minutes – and drink up to three cups daily. Depending on your choice of brew, there’s a few different ways to get the most out of our tea. Let’s jump right in.

artemis immunity tea

1. Add some tea to the tub

Immunity Tea is lovely for your whole family – it supports healthy respiratory function and helps with those runny noses. But it can feel a bit unusual to give tea to a baby or a young child (though I recommend starting them early with herbal tea parties!). For young babies, try making a cup or two of Immunity Tea and adding it to the bath.

The soothing essential oils in the plants will come up in the steam of the bath, some will absorb through the skin, and if your kiddo is anything like mine, they may end up ingesting the tea by drinking some of the bath water. One bath time mishap you can be happy about.

You can also use Immunity Tea as a steam for older children or adults – simply add a large spoonful of the herbs to a pot of hot water, lean over and cover your head with a towel. Just wait a few moments and keep a mindful distance to avoid steam burn.

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2. Iced tea or tea blocks

You should always brew your artemis tea with hot water to get the most out of the nutrients from the herbs. Once it’s steeped, you can cool your tea and make it into refreshing iced tea or ice blocks.

Simply sweeten with a little honey, then either add ice or chill in the fridge, or pour into ice block moulds. We love De-StressDigestive, and Immunity Tea for a refreshing twist.

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artemis Kidney Cleanse Tea

3. Spruce up your soups & stews

Aside from their unique health-supporting benefits, many herbs also contain nutrients – vitamins and minerals – and can be used like a food. Some of the herbs in our Kidney Cleanse Tea such as Nettle and Raspberry Leaf have been used as nutrient-rich foods for centuries. So next time you are making a hearty soup, add a spoonful of Kidney Cleanse Tea to your mix and get in that extra goodness.

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artemis Liver Detox Tea

Best tea for overall health?

Liver Detox Tea wins this award for me every time. It might not get 5 stars for taste but it’s a bestseller for good reason. Liver Detox Tea is packed with nutrient-rich bitter herbs which support your hardworking liver and digestive system. And feel free to sweeten this tea with a bit of honey at first, and once you have had it a few times you will come to crave the flavour.

Digestion feeling a bit sluggish? Liver Detox Tea. Skin need a bit of extra support? Liver Detox Tea. Hormones out of whack? Liver Detox Tea. Bowels a bit slow? Liver Detox Tea. Waking up hot or always waking up between 12-3am? Liver Detox Tea. I could go on! Liver Detox Tea is your all-rounder.

Daily support from the plants in this amazing tea are just the ticket for overall health support.

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3 things you didn’t know about artemis tea

1. We take plant quality seriously

At artemis, we’re experts in sourcing the highest quality plants. Our teas use only Certified Organic herbs that have been grown, harvested, dried, and stored in the best way – giving you a tea that actually *does* something. We don’t add any flavours or colours – we let the herbs speak for themselves.

You probably know the difference that you feel when you drink a cup of average instant coffee compared to a beautiful espresso. Or the taste and feel of a glass of gorgeous Central Otago Pinot Noir compared to a cheap and cheerful red blend. You know that when you use fresh basil grown in your garden and picked in the heat of summer that it makes a better pasta sauce than the dried stuff that has been sitting on the bottom of the supermarket shelf for a few years.

Herbal teas are the same. The quality and effect of a herbal tea is hugely dependent on so many factors – from the quality of the seeds it is grown from, to the amount of water and sunlight it gets, to whether it is grown organically, or if conventional pesticides and herbicides are used. Then there is the question of when it is picked, how it is dried and stored, and how long it is stored for – all of these factors will play into the taste, smell, and efficacy of your herbal teas.

2. All of our teas are created by experts

Our teas are formulated by expert herbalists – people who have been working with plants to support people’s health for decades and who know exactly what plants to include and why.

3. Functional benefits

The attention to detail means that you get a tea that is so much more than gumboot – you get a highly concentrated “hot water extraction” of herbs which are easily absorbed and can get straight to work to support your health.

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Why should you choose artemis?

When you choose artemis, you’re choosing a New Zealand company that make all of our products right here – in beautiful Aotearoa. Where possible we also source herbs from New Zealand, like the wild Thyme in our respiratory and immunity range, that’s harvested right here in Central Otago.

Every ingredient in our products has a purpose. We know that quality = efficacy. And we’re all about ingredients that have your health and goals in mind.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything that we do – from making sure that none of the plants we use are endangered or vulnerable, to constantly looking at ways to improve our packaging.

How can we help you?

At the heart of artemis is a love of making 100% natural products for you and your family.

We focus on plants that have both a long history of use for their health supporting benefits, as well as modern research.

You have told us your most common health concerns, and our products aim to support you with these. Think immune and respiratory health, digestion, healthy liver and kidney function, stress and sleep.

We also believe that herbs should be for everyone.

Pregnant or breastfeeding? Most of our products are suitable in these stages of life.

Have young children and need something for their growing minds and bodies? We make a range specifically for kids and their unique needs.

No matter what your wellbeing goals are, artemis range of nourishing teas are here to make your daily brew that much better.

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