HealthPost naturopaths Callan & Rebecca share their immune system vitamins

Tricky choosing the best immune supplements? Our Naturopaths Callan and Rebecca make it simple. In this blog they are sharing their favourite products and holistic tips for immunity. It’s great peace of mind knowing our immune cells are firing on all cylinders – and having peace of mind is immunity boosting too. Ready? Let’s get into it.

Vitamin C & Zinc – immune superstars

“If I could only choose 2 nutrients for immune system function and respiratory tract health - Vitamin C and Zinc are my first choice. They both set up your white blood cells for immune resilience. I take them as daily support - so I stay ready to fight any bugs going round.” – Rebecca

Radiance Sugar Free Vitamin C & Zinc Gummies

Rebecca’s top pick: Radiance Sugar Free Vitamin C & Zinc Gummies

  • Doses of both Zinc and Vitamin C for immune support
  • Delicious orange gummy, with no sugar
  • Easy Zinc and Vitamin C supplementation
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Vitamin D – healthy and strong

“A happy and healthy family winter always calls for vitamin D. When sunlight gets a little scarce, I love being able to boost our levels with a good vitamin D supplement. This keeps our immune system resilient, and it’s good for healthy bones too.” – Callan

BioBalance D3 & K2 Chews

Callan’s top pick: BioBalance D3 & K2 Chews

  • In the form of D3, easily recognised and absorbed by the body
  • Delicious tasting mango flavour – the whole family will love
  • Combined with K2 for mineral metabolism and healthy bones
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Probiotics – holistic immune support

“Studies show that microbiome balance equals immune efficiency - so it's no surprise you'll find probiotics on my shelf all year round. Not only do they help immune vitamin absorption they also MAKE essential vitamins, like B12. If you're wanting healthy immune foundations, you can't look past a good probiotic.” – Rebecca

Lifestream Probiotics Mood + Immune

Rebecca’s top pick: Lifestream Probiotics Mood + Immune

  • Probiotic species for immune health
  • Mood support - ideal for the ‘winter blues’
  • Sustainable, sugar cane packaging that’s recyclable
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Mushrooms - immune heroes

“Functional mushrooms are immune powerhouses. They’re rich in gut loving beta-glucans and antioxidants which keep the immune system strong. I especially love Lion’s mane for boosting mental clarity – fantastic for clearing post-bug brain fog or staying sharp in your day to day.” – Callan

Matakana Superfoods Vitamin D3 1000IU & Immune Supporting Mushrooms

Callan’s top pick: Matakana Superfoods Vitamin D3 1000IU & Immune Supporting Mushrooms

  • Contains immune boosting trio: Lion’s Mane, Shiitake and Maitake
  • 12kg of mushrooms make 1kg of bioactive powder in this potent formula
  • Includes 1000IU of vitamin D for extra immune support
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Holistic ways we take care of our immune health

1. Being active outside

Exercise helps improve immunity. Regular, moderate activities like walking, dancing, or mowing the lawn do the trick. We suggest finding exercise that you enjoy or recruiting an exercise buddy to work out with. Being outside also helps activate Vitamin D – another great top up for our immune system.

“Walking outdoors is a staple wellness ritual for me. Using my senses to help me stay in the present moment. I can tune into the beautiful sights and sounds of nature as a mindful stress management tool, which also has immune benefits.” – Rebecca

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2. Deep sleep for good immune health

Did you know? Enough, quality sleep boosts your immune function. But for some, having a good night’s sleep is easier said than done.

Exposure to natural light in the morning sets up your sleep wake cycle – and light governs your circadian rhythm. Using a blue light filter for screens in the PM (evenings) also helps. Both will set you up to drift off easier. For more tips on getting a good night’s sleep, check out your guide to a healthy, deep sleep.

“My all-time best sleep technique (coming from a former insomniac) is managing my stress. Exercise and 'deep breathing breaks' are my go-to stress relievers. I also love Ashwagandha – for daytime calmness and easy sleep. It’s the ‘old faithful’ herb I reach for when life throws curveballs.” – Rebecca

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3. Plant foods for a primed immune response

Eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit is key for our immune wellbeing. Look out for foods including  zinc and vitamin D, as well as citrus fruits high in vitamin C.

Plants can offer a wide variety of phytonutrients, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and  omegas. A diet that is rich in fresh colourful plants, protein, good fats (found in nuts and seeds), and water is proven to help us live at our best.

“I learned an expression in college – ‘Eat the Rainbow’ (Deanna Minich) – which illustrates how we should aim to eat different coloured fruits and veggies to get the full spectrum of phytonutrients. I love thinking about this throughout the day and strive to tick off each colour. For this, I find superfoods powders and frozen berries come in really handy.” – Callan

Looking to spruce up mealtimes? You’re sure to appreciate our nutritionist-approved recipes.

Feeling inspired? Go for nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and stay stocked up with vitamins for your immune system. By nourishing yourself, you're giving your body the best chance to fight off ills and chills.

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