​Healthy Habits We’re Keeping

The current pandemic and resulting lockdowns has meant that many of us have had to rapidly adjust to a new way of life. While we’ve all being doing our bit to stay safe and stay at home, with that has come some new “quarantine routines”. From home workouts, family Zoom pub quizzes, and possibly making too many batches of banana bread, we’ve managed to adapt to this new way of living. Having routine and structure to our day – especially when we’re stuck inside – can help us be more productive, reduce stress, as well as provide a sense of normalcy and control. Along with this, it’s important to identify any habits that aren’t serving us and our mental health, while making room for practices that do.

As many of us return to this new, strange world, we’re faced with a sense of uncertainty and another change to our routine. But just because lockdown is lifting doesn’t mean you have to leave behind any healthy habits you’ve picked up. Read on as we share some of our staff’s habits and daily routines that they’re choosing to continue moving forward.

1. Enjoy some sunshine

“One habit I picked up was going and sitting quietly in the sun with the fantails flitting around me on my work breaks. It’s very quiet and rural where I live – life was very peaceful.” - Meryll - Customer Care Team Leader

Why this habit’s worth it:

Spending approximately 10 minutes in the sun each day is a great way to get a daily dose of Vitamin D. Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D helps to support our overall mood, the immune system, as well as healthy bones. Of course, it’s important to always remember to be sun-smart and slip, slop, slap. To make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D over the winter months, include foods like oily fish, eggs and dairy products, and look into a vitamin D supplement.

2. Get active in the mornings

“The habit I’ll be keeping is my sunrise beach runs with my dog, Piper. Working from home allows me some extra time in the morning to see the sunrise during the winter months, instead of needing to spend the time getting ready and commuting to the office. This morning ritual truly enriches my soul, allowing me to clear my mind and set a positive vibe. Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sand beneath my feet and watching Piper play in the surf is all so joyous. I feel so revitalised and this momentum helps energise me through the day.”- Sara, Marketing Coordinator

Why this habit’s worth it:

Getting up early and doing some form of physical exercise is a great way to not only establish a healthy routine, but energise you for the morning and the rest of the day ahead. Studies have also shown that morning exercise can help with better focus and cognition throughout the day as well as support a better quality sleep at night.

3. Get organised

“A tidy up of my drawers doing the Marie Kondo folding method for my clothes which has made me very happy. I’m not sure what that says about me!” - Aviette, CEO

Why this habit’s worth it:

It’s true what they say…”Cluttered space, cluttered mind”.It’s true what they say ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. Unorganised clutter often has a negative impact on state of mind, affecting both productivity and motivation. Organising your home and workspace can be a great way to feel more productive and can also lift your mood and self-esteem. By reducing our attention on cluttered material items, we can better focus on what is truly important.

4. Take time to reflect

“A strategy I’m keeping is the ‘awareness of, and catching myself’ before I go into any kind overwhelm and noticing what the feelings and pressures are that may lead me to these places. Since we have been in the COVID-19 environment, I have stopped rushing, have met each day with kindness and ease, and haven’t rushed the kids or myself out the door to race to work or the gym. I haven’t raised my voice at the children, or have been overwhelmed by all the daily tasks that need to be done to run a family and a home whilst at the same time working …. and now that I have noticed, I never want to go back to that fast paced, adrenaline pumping haste! My family mean the world to me, and they are my prompt for noticing this place I no longer want to hold time or energy for in my life!” – Nina, Web Team Leader

Why this habit’s worth it:

Reflecting requires us to slow down amongst the chaos and find comfort in the discomfort. It helps us to learn, develop and become more self-aware, while also helping us to respond rather than react. Taking time to reflect and practice gratitude for the positive things in our life is a great way to support mental wellbeing as well as our relationship with ourselves and others.

5. Goal set

“As a family, we've set aside an evening after dinner to set and work towards goals. It's a great skill to learn and an inspiring mid-week activity. Make time to pause, reassess, and set new goals.” – Liz, Natural Health Expert

Why this habit’s worth it: 

Setting goals can help motivate us and provide us with a sense of direction. By planning objectives in a realistic and step-by-step manner, we can align our focus on what we truly want with a roadmap towards success. Sharing goals with friends or family is also a great way to stay accountable, motivated and feel supported. 

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