Immune Support for Your Junior

Children are notorious for their love of sharing all things germy, and whilst this can be beneficial in building a healthy immune system, supporting their immune function with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can support recovery from winter ills and chills.

Children typically come down with ills and chills 3 to 8 times per year and these can last up to 10 days. If your child is struggling to recover, specific nutrients, along with good hygienic habits, can help.

Giving little immune systems a nutrient boost!

Your child’s immune system is like an army whose job it is to fight off immune threats. Some of the most important soldiers in this army are immune cells called T-cells and B-cells. A number of key nutrients can help support these T- and B-cells and ensure they are primed and ready to recognise, remember, and fight off ills and chills.


• B Vitamins play a pivotal role in the production of energy and are essential for healthy growth and development. This important family of vitamins are essential in immune function and support the function of T-cells
• Vitamin C supports the activity of T- and B-cells therefore supporting all round immune function when its needed most. Supplementation with vitamin C has actually been shown to help reduce the duration of winter ills and chills.
• Vitamin D is best known for playing an important role in bone growth and development, however this crucial nutrient also supports the immune system’s response to threats.
• Vitamin E will assist your child to boost resistance.
Betacarotene is converted into Vitamin A within the body and is an antioxidant which helps to maintain a healthy immune system.


• Calcium is best known as a mineral needed for bone and teeth mineralisation, but it is also important in energy production and maintaining immune health.
• Zinc has an important role to play in growth and development and is also involved in normal immune responses. In particular zinc is critical for the development and functioning of T- and B- immune cells. Zinc has been shown to reduce the severity and also duration of ills and chills.
• Iron is vital for energy production, growth, and for the production of T- and B- immune cells

Other Nutrients

• Bioflavonoids are key nutrients derived from citrus fruits that have strong antioxidant properties
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