Podcast episode 7 - Collagen: is it really worth it? Which one is right for you?

If you strive for glowing, plump skin then this episode is for you. Collagen has been soaring off the shelves – but is it really worth it and is the trend here to stay?

In this episode we dive deep into whether collagen’s right for you, surprising tips to make it go further, and holistic tips to naturally boost your production of collagen from within. Let’s get into it.

In this Choose Well with HealthPost podcast episode all about Collagen, we discuss…

  • Why we need collagen and at what age our collagen starts depleting
  • Different collagen forms and how they work in the body
  • Collagen benefits and how to choose the best option for you
  • Collagen types (marine vs bovine)
  • Best forms of collagen – gummies, powder, capsules
  • How quickly you can expect results from collagen
  • Food sources of collagen
  • Holistic tips to make your collagen go further
  • Holistic tips to restore and preserve your collagen naturally
  • Injectables vs collagen
  • And so much more...

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If you have a health goal you'd like support with, please consult a health professional, Choose Well with HealthPost is not intended to be health advice, and the views expressed on this podcast are our own.

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