Raising The Bar - Here’s My Pick Of Solid, Zero-Waste Beauty Bars

In June 2017, I ran my first Ethique shampoo bar through my hair and I’ve never looked back. Now Ethique bars line my cupboards, bathroom sink, shower shelves and laundry. Heck, even my dog uses Ethique.

Haven't heard of Ethique yet?

Local brand Ethique (French for ‘ethical’) is the world’s first zero-waste beauty company. Knowing that most beauty products are up to 95% water and contributing to the global plastic crisis, founder Brianne West wanted to do her bit for the planet. She created her first product: a salon quality, solid shampoo bar. The first product I tried was a shampoo bar and I promptly fell in love with its simplicity. Swipe across the hair, lather with your fingers and rinse. The results? Soft, smooth and nourished locks. Plus, the super concentrated bars last between 3-6 times longer than bottled products. I wasn’t the only one sold on the solid bar concept… Ethique is now an award-winning international brand with over 40 beauty bars for the whole family (including fur babies). Initially, I tried the brand for their plastic free, palm oil free and cruelty free values, but I have remained a loyal Ethique customer because their high-quality products really do work wonders and suit my on-the-go lifestyle.

1. The Guardian Conditioner Bar

If I had to use just one Ethique product for the rest of my life (perish the thought!), it would be The Guardian Conditioner Bar, the keeper of my long, thick ginger locks. Formulated with cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin B5 to hydrate dry, damaged hair and tame frizz. I’m not exaggerating when I say it can last two people 5-6 months and application is a dream. Glide, massage, rinse… voila.

2. Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

My husband is prone to dandruff, so after trying a few Ethique shampoos, we stuck to the Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar for touchy scalps. I love the subtle scent as it’s not overpowering. After a few swipes across the scalp, the bar foams instantly and rinses out easily, just like normal shampoo. Since swapping to the Heali Kiwi, I’ve transitioned from washing my hair every second day, to just once or twice a week. Time saving, water conserving and a win for my hair.

3. Bow Wow Shampoo Bar for Dogs

Our pooch spends every day at the beach, so weekly baths are essential. With the Bow Wow Bar I can wash him outside and not worry about the liquid harming my plants. And the solid bar makes washing a wriggling labradoodle much easier. Plastic dog shampoo bottles have a tendency to roll and squeezing out a liquid solution is tricky when I have a dog wedged between my legs. It contains neem, tea tree, oatmeal and coconut oil to help with any skin problems, fungal infections and fleas, plus it’s pH balanced to leave fur soft & shiny. In fact, people always comment on how soft and clean his coat is; he’s even more snuggable now.

4. Bliss Face Cleansing Bar

If you have normal, dry or even sensitive skin, the Bliss Bar is a dream. It’s made with creamed coconut butter, vegetable glycerine and clay, and gently cleanses the skin, even removing the most stubborn mascara. As a frequent traveller and bathroom minimalist, having a makeup remover and cleanser in one is great. It’s so easy to use too: wet your face, hands and bar, lather it up in your palms, massage it onto the skin and rinse off. Tip for travellers: cut it into smaller pieces so you take only what you need when on the go.

5. Rustic Solid Deodorant Bar

Extensive natural deodorant trials put my armpits through the wars, but thankfully, Ethique Rustic Solid Deodorant has come out on top and I can stop testing. In bar form it’s easy to apply (no messy hands!) and the cardboard box makes a great storage container. I appreciate the subtle but uplifting Lime and Eucalyptus scent, and I only need a bit for it to reduce my sweat and smell. Another bonus, I haven’t noticed white marks on my clothes when I use it.

6. Gingersnap Face Scrub

Exfoliation is essential for a beach lover prone to dry skin and Gingersnap has been my number one face scrub for as long as I can remember. Made with brown sugar, ginger and a hint of cinnamon, it smells good enough to eat and comes in four small ovals which are ideal for getting in all the nooks and crannies of my face.

7. The Perfector Solid Face Cream

Ethique moisturiser hasn’t always been my favourite, but after giving it another try years later, I’ve was happy to discover that they have nailed it with The Perfector. If, like me, you have dry skin, but hate sticky moisturiser, then I highly recommend The Perfector. It contains essential fatty acid rich kokum and cupuacu butters, so it’s really nourishing but not greasy. Just swipe it on and massage it in! A little goes a very long way and it’s suitable for use in the morning and evening. I love that the product comes in several small ovals so I can take just one with me when travelling.

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Author: Kate Hall
Kate Hall, our eco-living contributor, is an expert on sustainability. Through her own daily actions, she demonstrates how to easily live more lightly on our beautiful planet.

Photography by Nectar Photography.

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