Scholarship Students Spend a Day at HealthPost

HealthPost’s Natural Health Scholarship.

HealthPost’s Natural Health Scholarship

On the 19th of September, our Natural Health Scholarship winner Sarah Johnson and runner-up Zoe Hunt were invited to spend the day at the HealthPost office in Auckland.

They were lucky enough to spend most of the day with our Natural Health Expert and Naturopath, Liz Jury, who coached them through the herbal product formulation process and gave them valuable insight into the many career opportunities available for Naturopaths and those interested in natural health.

Part of the morning was also spent making up some delicious smoothies, which they enjoyed outside in the sun and shared with those staff members who were quick enough to get any leftovers!

After an amazing lunch at Huckleberry café, Sarah and Zoe spent some time with Lilani, our store manager, in the HealthPost store exploring our incredible range of natural health and skincare products and helping with customer requests.

The afternoon ended with a presentation thanks to Michael, on BioBalance’s amazing superfood and fast-acting liposomal range. This was not complete without a taste test of course, where Sarah and Zoe got to sample some of BioBalance’s top selling products including the Herbal Chest Care formula, as well as the entire liposomal range.

Final Thoughts

HealthPost's Natural Health Scholarship - Zoe

“My favourite part of the day was formulating a product… and learning about all the avenues you can go into with a Naturopathic degree! I know so much more about Healthpost now and I really like what they stand for.”

– Zoe Hunt

HealthPost's Natural Health Scholarship - Sarah

“My favourite part of the day was the BioBalance training, learning all about the products – especially the liposomal range which were pretty amazing and impressive! The incredible range of products that HealthPost has is quite mind-blowing, and all the research that goes into doing things in the most ethically, sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible is something that I wholeheartedly agree with.”

– Sarah Johnson

Congratulations Sarah and Zoe and thank you for spending the day with us!

Special thanks to Veronika, Liz, Lilani and Michael for making this day possible.

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