10 ways BioBalance has your AM-PM wellness in mind

We’re thrilled to celebrate  BioBalance as a B Corp certified, Mindful Brand. If you’re after peace of mind and a healthy body, BioBalance has you covered from dawn to dusk. 

The little B Corp icon is such a time saver for ethical shopping! It’s an easy way to know the products you choose will have a positive impact. You get the satisfaction of knowing your purchase is making a real difference for workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment.

Best of all – B Corp certification means a brand has been independently verified to high standards. Saving you the need to go on a deep dive for info on ethical supply chains, worker wellbeing, traceability, and environmental sustainability.

BioBalance was New Zealand and Australia’s first supplement brand to achieve B Corp certification - balancing profit with purpose.

Want to learn more about B Corp? Discover what it means to be  B Corp certified.

Why choose B Corp

When you choose BioBalance products, you’re supporting: 

  • Reduced inequality- BioBalance is a living-wage employer 
  • Lower levels of poverty – BioBalance pays a fair and equitable price to farmers for the raw ingredients in their products
  • A healthier environment –BioBalance is Ekos certified carbon neutral and uses sustainable packaging 
  • Stronger communities – BioBalance contributes to the Womens Co-op in Morocco that supports women's wellbeing in the community, including health and education. 

As well as the warm fuzzies you get from choosing B Corp certified brand, BioBalance equally delivers on high-quality products. You can also rely on BioBalance for superb ingredients and expertly formulated products – you’re sure to be pleased with whatever you choose.

Your AM-PM wellness goals covered with BioBalance

BioBalance Iron Absorb Plus C

For energy & mental clarity: BioBalance Iron Absorb Plus C

Best for:

Iron is especially important for teens as well as women who menstruate because iron is lost monthly, that’s why iron deficiency is more common in women than men.


Having sufficient  iron in our body is key for healthy energy and immune function as well as mental clarity and recall. BioBalance Iron Absorb Plus C features a bioavailable chelated form of iron in combination with food-sourced Vitamin C from Acerola berry (Vitamin C enhances iron absorption).

How to take:

It's designed to be gentle on the stomach, while also being high potency, the daily dose supplies 100% of recommended daily intake for iron and vitamin C. If you’re concerned you might be low in iron, it’s wise to see your doctor for blood tests to confirm this. Take one capsule daily with food.

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BioBalance Astaxanthin

For skin health: BioBalance Astaxanthin

Best for:

Great for healthy  skin aging - there’s exciting research that shows astaxanthin is an excellent antioxidant for our skin.


Astaxanthin works by scavenging free radicals which are part of normal degeneration as we age. This plant derived carotenoid is lipid soluble, this means that it’s easily transportable in the body. Other studies show that it has the potential to support the body's response to photo-ageing, to protect from UV damage from the sun, which is the main driver of normal skin ageing. So, astaxanthin offers skin support from two different angles.

How to take:

Astaxanthin is better absorbed after meals and being lipid soluble is better with fats, so taking it after a meal that has healthy fats is ideal.

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BioBalance Crystal Vision

For vision: BioBalance Crystal Vision

Best for:

Our daily screen time (and blue light exposure) means, it’s more important than ever to take care of our eyes. We know about protecting our eyes from sun damage, but blue light exposure from screens and devices is also something to be aware of.


Blue light causes oxidation, the normal process that leads to wear and tear (and aging) on our eyes.  BioBalance Crystal Vision has natural plant derived antioxidants that protect against blue light for eyes. The liquid herb formula contains Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum), Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) and Calendula (Calendula officinalis), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), and Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) to support clear vision, healthy eye lubrication and healthy cellular ageing.

How to take:

Take 5-10 ml daily, it can be diluted to taste in water if needed.

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BioBalance Ashwagandha Adrenal Restore

For calmness under pressure: BioBalance Ashwagandha Adrenal Restore

Best for: 

People looking to support  stress resiliencehealthy energy and a relaxed, happy outlook.


BioBalance Ashwagandha Adrenal Restore has adaptogen herbs Ashwagandha and patented Relora which supports a balanced stress response and a healthy cortisol level range. It also has nutrients that are in extra demand when we’re under stress or super busy - like B vitaminscholine and inositol. Looking after our adrenal glands (our stress glands) bolsters our ability to cope when we’re under pressure. Being super busy all the time is often part of modern life, but it can lead to cortisol release - excellent for coping short term, but not ideal for our long-term health.

How to take: 

Take 1 vegecap twice daily with food, ideally with breakfast and lunch.

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BioBalance Liposomal BioActive B Complex

For stress & energy: BioBalance Liposomal BioActive B Complex

Best for:

The  B complex vitamins work together and support the overall health of the body, especially healthy physical energy, mental clarity, mood and stress.


BioBalance Liposomal BioActive B Complex is extra bioavailable and easy for the body to use. It has the activated forms of B vitamins including methylated B12 and folate. B complex vitamins help us release energy from our food, they’re also needed to make our feel-good chemicals. Liposomal formulas use special lipid transport bubbles that are easily transported into our cells.

How to take:

This is great to take in the morning, one teaspoon is all you need, it can also be diluted in a small amount of water.

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BioBalance Active Vir Immune

For immune wellbeing: BioBalance Active Vir Immune

Best for:

If you’re looking for all-round  immune support which can be taken for daily support or as needed with ills and chills.


BioBalance Active Vir Immune is a synergistic  functional mushroom and micronutrient formula. It features 100% of the recommended daily intake of high-potency Zinc and 100% allowable amount of Vitamin D. It’s key ingredient is AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) from Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), which has plenty of research behind it for comprehensive immune support, including immune cell function and healthy recovery time.

How to take:

Studies show that taking it for two weeks offers lasting immune support for several weeks afterward too. Take one  vegan friendly capsule per day for daily support and two per day for support during ills and chills.

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BioBalance Quercetin

For respiratory health: BioBalance Quercetin

Best for:

People wanting to take care of their airways.


The formula has Vitamin C,  Quercetin, Rutin, Bromelain, and Zinc - this combination of five immune ingredients work synergistically to support the body’s respiratory immune health. Quercetin, Rutin, and Bromelain supports healthy histamine balance so it’s also ideal for seasonal allergy time. With the inclusion of immune superstars Zinc and Vitamin C, it can be taken for daily support during ills and chills season. The non-acidic form of Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate threonate) is buffered to be tummy friendly and lasts longer in the body

How to take:

Take two of these vegan friendly capsules daily during ills and chills season

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BioBalance Certified Organic Argan Oil

For nourished hair & skin: BioBalance Certified Organic Argan Oil

Best for:

If you’re looking to moisturise your dry hair and skin and protect it from the elements


Argan oil has a high percentage of linoleic acid which offers intensive moisture that is quickly absorbed - this oil is light and non-greasy. It’s naturally high in vitamin E to soothe and protect both skin and hair from harsh sun, wind and temperature changes. It’s very popular to tame frizzy hair for smooth locks. BioBalance gives back $1 for every bottle sold to the Women’s Cooperative in Morocco, an organisation that supports women’s wellbeing and their family’s health and education.

How to take:

Use a few drops as a facial skincare oil, use for dry hair or scalp, it can also be used as an intensive weekly hair or skin mask, leave on for 30 minutes and rise. The bottle comes with a dropper making it easy to use.

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BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Powder

For energy & sexual health: BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Powder

Best for:

Maca is suitable for all genders - it’s most popular for supporting energy levels, sexual function and hormone balance (especially during menopause).


BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Powder is a Peruvian superfood and whole-body tonic. Studies show promise for supporting brain health, mood, bone health, physical endurance and immune function too. It’s rich in nutrients including amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Interestingly, Maca was used traditionally in Peru for healthy fertility in both humans and livestock. BioBalance Maca is responsibly sourced in Peru and gelatinised so it’s easier to digest.

How to take:

Maca powder has pleasant slightly nutty taste, with hints of caramel butterscotch. It’s heat stability and taste make it extremely versatile, and it goes well in any recipe, try it in baking or mixed into your morning coffee.

Keen to try Maca in your cooking? For some inspiration try these two delicious Maca recipes from our Holistic Nutritionist Lena Fisher:  Healthy salted caramel truffles and Salted caramel Maca smoothie.

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BioBalance Sleep Cycle Restore

For deep sleep: BioBalance Sleep Cycle Restore

Best for:

Support a deep restorative  sleep, especially useful if you have a busy mind at bedtime.


Waking up feeling refreshed and bright are good indicators that we’ve had quality sleep. The body reconditions itself and performs a reboot while we’re off in dreamland - we need to reach deep sleep phases (including REM sleep) for it to happen.  BioBalance Sleep Cycle Restore, has Magnesium5-HTP and Tart Cherry extract - science shows that all three support healthy sleep duration and sleep quality.

How to take:

Take 2 capsules before bedtime to support getting to sleep and staying asleep.

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