10 winning products under $25 for everyday wellness

Award-winning products at kinder prices? We’re here for it. Because high quality beauty and wellness products backed by sustainable values shouldn’t cost the earth. So, we’re excited to celebrate the best winning products under $25, for your everyday wellbeing.

There’s a lineup of skincare, haircare, beauty, and nourishing food and drink ahead. So go on, dig in – your wallet can thank us later. 

Only Good Calm Body Wash

Body Wash Winner: $16.50

Only Good Calm Body Wash

Start your day feeling calm with Only Good’s soothing, soap free bodywash. Rich in Vitamin E, Manuka Honey and Sweet Almond to cleanse and care for your body.

  • Beautiful balance of gentle yet effective natural cleansing 
  • Calming manuka honey and sweet almond scent
  • Vegan and palm oil free
  • 100% recycled PET bottle
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EverBlue Repair & Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner Winner: $11.50

EverBlue Repair & Hydrate  ShampooConditioner

Luscious locks? Washing your hair is a breeze with EverBlue’s hydrating duo that protects your hair. 

  • Naturally cleanse while retaining moisture 
  • Nourishing vitamin E and wheat protein 
  • NZ made and vegan friendly
  • Ideal for dry, damaged or coloured hair
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Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

Body Butter Winner: $24.50

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

$24.50 each

Want silky smooth skin that feels nourished with kind ingredients? Weleda’s Skin Food melts into your skin, with a delicate, fresh scent. No wonder it’s well-loved by beauty enthusiasts across the world. 

  • Rich formula that melts into your skin
  • Intensive moisture from cocoa and shea butter
  • NATRUE certified and vegan friendly
  • 85% recycled green glass jar 
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OKU Kawakawa & Arnica Balm

Healing Balm Winner: From $18.90

OKU Kawakawa & Arnica Balm

Sore muscles and joints? This comforting balm is made right here in Aotearoa with native and wild harvested botanicals. With a beautiful scent of cooling peppermint and warming clove essential oils, this blend makes for a lovely gift, or self-massage.

  • Ease tired and tight muscles
  • Native Kawakawa and NZ grown Arnica
  • Can be used several times daily
  • Infinitely recyclable glass and aluminum jar
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Little Mango Fearless Vanilla Deodorant

Deodorant Winner: $18.90

Little Mango Fearless Vanilla Deodorant

Feel fresh all day with this effective blend of essential oils and kaolin to target odour that leaves you smelling like sweet vanilla.

  • Glides on and is easily absorbed
  • Odour fighting essential oils 
  • Skin nourishing shea and mango seed butter
  • Eco friendly, reusable glass jar
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Little Mango Fearless Vanilla Deodorant

Oral Care Winner: $21.90

LOVEBYT Cinnamon & Close Botanical Toothpaste

Move over boring toothpaste. Introducing LOVEBYT’s botanical blend of clove and cinnamon, giving your teeth a deep clean, helping fight plaque formulation, all with a delicious spicy flavour. 

  • Clove and Cinnamon for antibacterial action
  • Natural xylitol for a healthy oral microbiome
  • Calendula for gum health and healing
  • Cleanses while also whitening and brightening
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Little Mango Fearless Vanilla Deodorant

Teas & Tonics Winner: $26.50

WildWood Cinnamon Cacao with Cordyceps & Lion’s Mane

This nourishing hug in a mug is made with ceremonial cacao, functional mushrooms and spices to enliven your day or help you winddown when you need it most. Before you say it – we know this one’s just over $25, but who can deny a delicious high-quality ‘shroom blend, for only $1.50 more. That works out to be only $2 per serving!

  • Ceremonial grade organic cacao 
  • Blended with ginger, cinnamon, and functional mushrooms
  • Gently sweetened with erythritol 
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YUM Cacao & Goji Berry Granola

Breakfast Winner: $16.90

YUM Cacao & Goji Berry Granola

You’ll be surprised this delicious coconut, dark chocolate, hazelnut, chia, goji combo is good for you. Good luck saving it just for breakfast! 

  • Energising and delicious breakfast/snack
  • Plastic free packaging and certified Climate Positive
  • Locally sourced hazelnuts and honey
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YUM Cacao & Goji Berry Granola

Drinks Winner: $4.90

Chia Sisters Gut Health Blueberry Superfood

Looking for a delicious, functional, flavour bomb beverage to power through your day? Chia Sisters Blueberry Superfood is packed with prebiotic fibre, omega 3, and minerals.

  • Aotearoa-sourced ingredients
  • Superb source of omegas
  • Super hydrating and tastes delicious
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Little Bird Organics Good Nuts Cheesy Chipotle Cashews

Healthy Snacks Winner: $4.20 

Little Bird Organics Good Nuts Cheesy Chipotle Cashews

Goodness in a snack. Activated cashews blended with delicious, organic ingredients. Your perfect on-the-go high protein snack to keep you going.

  • Soaked & dehydrated cashews for optimal nutrients
  • All organic ingredients
  • Deliciously crunch with a spicy kick
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Revitalise your daily rituals with our accessible selection of under $25 winners. Great value – and great values.

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