14 ways to use multipurpose bestseller: Weleda Skin Food

If there’s one beauty product that takes out the rest, it’s Weleda Skin Food. Created in 1926, this bestselling formula has remained unchanged since then – and for good reason. 

What's more - makeup artists and beauty editors swear by it. And it has a long list of celebrity fans as well, such as Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber and Rihanna.

This beauty must-have is loved for its affordability, and it's multipurpose use. Whether it's your daily lip balm, nourishing hand cream, frizz tamer or face mask - let's explore the different ways you can use Skin Food and why it's worth a spot on your wellness shelf.

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food

  • Rich in calendula, chamomile and sweet almond oil to gently soothe your skin.
  • Superb for hardworking hands, or dry hands just in need of extra nourishment.
  • An affordable choice that is good for your wallet - and nature too.

14 uses of Weleda Skin Food

1. Face cream
Weleda Skin Food makes a terrific face moisturiser. The best way to apply is to warm a dab of cream between the palm of your hands and then press lightly onto the skin. It'll leave your face feeling soft and comfortable all day – or night. 

2. Hand cream
Perfect for gardeners, as well as busy parents doing a lot of nappy changing and food prepping. The barrier ingredients in Weleda Skin Food do a great job of protecting the skin from repeated handwashing.

3. Cuticle cream
Lanolin and beeswax are a blessing for dry cuticles. Simply rub a tiny amount of Weleda Skin Food into the cuticles and hands at bedtime to soften and soothe overnight.

4. Barrier cream
Did you know? If you’re applying hair colour, Weleda Skin Food can be used to protect the skin around the hairline from absorbing dye. Likewise, it’s great for elbows, wrists, knees and heels prior to fake tanning.

5. Face mask
Fast fix for dry skin? Apply a thick layer of Weleda Skin Food and remove it with a damp cloth after 20 minutes. For a relaxing overnight nourisher, simply apply it like a face mask and wake with super smooth and hydrated skin.

6. Lip balm
Looking to soften and nourish sensitive lip skin? Weleda's Skin Food has you covered. It’s especially useful to soothe the lips after the drying effects of matte lipstick or cold weather.

7. SOS skin soother
If you suffer from dry cracked skin, be sure to apply a good thick layer of Weleda Skin Food daily to keep it nourished.

8. Frizz tamer
Not about flyways or frizz? Use Weleda Skin Food to settle flyaways and act as a leave-in conditioner for parched locks. Just remember, this is one of those situations when the ‘less is more’ rule applies.

9. Makeup primer
Weleda Skin Food is the perfect base for makeup if you have dry skin that appears flaky after foundation. Just warm a dab between your fingers, pat on a thin layer and let it absorb for 20 minutes before applying liquid or mineral powder foundation.

10. Tinted moisturiser maker
If you already own a thick foundation, but you’re looking for a more sheer and natural coverage, simply mix a dab of Weleda Skin Food with your foundation in the palm of your hand and apply to your face for a light tint.

11. Eye cream
Weleda Skin Food can be used over the entire face and body, including around the delicate eye area. Gently pat around the orbital area with your ring finger to instantly replenish your undereyes.

12. Foot cream
Apply a layer of Weleda Skin Food each night before bed, pop on some cotton socks and you’ll soon see softer feet.

13. Body cream
From dry to scaly, flaky or irritated skin - Weleda Skin Food is a favourite for nourishing your whole body. Plus, the subtle uplifting scent and dewy finish makes it gorgeous to use on your arms, décolletage and legs.

14. Facial highlighter
Appreciate a subtle glow to your healthy complexion? Weleda Skin Food certainly delivers. Pat it on to the high points of your face before makeup for a naturally dewy finish.

Did you know?

  • Weleda was founded in 1921 by Dr. Rudolf Steiner - a German philosopher and scientist who believed that nature provides everything people need for balance and good health.
  • To this day, Weleda has stayed true to its founding philosophies and puts people and planet ahead of profits. They source many of their plant ingredients from their own biodynamic gardens.
  • As one of our longest standing Mindful Brands and a certified B Corp, Weleda work in fair trade agreements with small farmers and gardeners to source the best raw materials and all products are non-toxic, free from parabens, GMOs, phthalates and synthetic fragrances and are not tested on animals.

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