5 detox tips for healthy and glowing skin

Ready for healthy, glowing skin? A gentle, natural detox could be what you need. Let’s explore five detox tips for healthy skin.

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? The health and appearance of your skin often reflects what’s going on inside.

Too often we try to support our skin health by putting things on it, rather than nourishing it from the inside.

Your skin plays an important role in detox

Your body has incredible natural detoxification channels that work hard every day. Just like your heart beats without you doing anything, your liver, kidneys, bowel, urinary tract, lymphatic system, lungs* and skin are all part of this amazing, complex system to ensure that your body can use the nutrients it needs, and get rid of the waste. When these systems are working optimally, we feel well. You have more  energysleep well, have regular digestion, and healthy, glowing skin.

How can I detox my skin naturally?

It’s easier than you think! Here are five tips for the ultimate inner-outer detox and cleanse for healthy, radiant skin.

1. Stay hydrated

All the cells in your body require fluids to function, and your skin is no exception. Water transports nutrients throughout the body and facilitates digestion. It helps the lymphatic system, kidneys, and bowels move waste out of your body.

Glow tip:

The best fluids to fill up on are water and  herbal teas (non-caffeinated). Drink teas with plants that target and support the skin and detoxification organs for added benefit such as Nettle, Dandelion, Horsetail, and Calendula.

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My top pick:

artemis Digestive Tea: a soothing blend of aniseed, fennel seed, chamomile, peppermint, dandelion and other digestive-loving herbs.

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2. Fuel up with colourful foods

A nutrient-rich diet will ensure your skin gets everything it needs to glow. Your skin loves antioxidants to keep it healthy and to allow it to repair free-radical damage. Aim to fill half your plate with colourful fruit and veggies to get a wide variety of skin-loving antioxidants such as carotenoids found in orange and green foods and anthocyanidins found in red and purple produce.

Glow tip:

Make sure to also get ample protein from nuts, legumes, beans and/or meat, fish and eggs, and healthy fats from  nuts and seeds, avocados, olive oil and fish.

3. Get your beauty sleep

There’s a reason we call it “beauty rest”. Our bodies repair themselves during sleep, and healthy sleep encourages collagen production as part of its repair process, leading to stronger and plump-looking skin.

Glow tip:

For your ultimate beauty sleep, enjoy a restorative herbal tea away from screens one hour before your bed.

artemis Sleep Tea

My top pick:

artemis Sleep Tea: packed with nourishing herbs like valerian and lemon balm for your best sleep yet.

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4. Mindful movement

Moving your body supports your skin in a few ways. Exercise increases circulation, which brings vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin, and speeds up the removal of toxins. Sweating helps to move waste out of the body, and the lymphatic system needs movement to process and remove metabolic waste.

Glow tip:

Move the way you love for added endorphins. We’re all for long walks in nature or group fitness with friends.

5. Plant allies

A gentle and effective organic tea formula to support your detoxification organs is a great way to keep your body working optimally – and to keep your skin glowing and radiant.

artemis Detox Duo contains two targeted blends of herbs – Liver Detox Tea and Kidney Cleanse Tea.

Liver Detox Tea supports your hardworking liver and digestive system with bitter plants. When your body experiences a bitter taste, digestive juices and enzymes are released from the stomach, liver, and pancreas to support strong digestion. Healthy liver function is also important for hormone balance, for healthy, clear skin - especially during puberty and around PMS time.

Kidney Cleanse Tea contains plants high in skin-loving vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A and C, iron and silica. This tea supports natural strengthening and cleansing leaving skin glowing and bright.

Who are these teas best for?

  • Anyone dealing with hormonal skin concerns, including teenagers
  • Anyone with itchy or irritated skin
  • Anyone who wants to have bright and glowing skin

How should I take Liver Detox & Kidney Cleanse Tea?

Daily support:

Liver Detox – 1 cup daily, before food. First thing in the morning is best as this helps to kickstart digestion for the day ahead.

Kidney Cleanse – 1 cup daily, after food, to help flush any water-soluble waste.

Targeted support:

Liver Detox – 3 cups daily, before each meal.

Kidney Cleanse – 3 cups daily, after each meal.

Traditionally, many cultures do a targeted “detox” 2-4 x/year, often around the change of seasons. A targeted approach is also helpful for those with skin concerns they want to work on.

Supporting your skin’s health from the inside out is a daily job. But the good news is that the things that support healthy, glowing skin – good hydration, movement and rest, a healthy diet and some support from our plant allies – are all things which will support the health of your whole body.

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*Your lungs/breath excrete CO2, which is considered a “waste gas” by the body

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

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