HealthPost naturopaths share 6 ways to keep calm naturally

Looking to welcome daily calm? All of us 3 Naturopaths here at HealthPost (Rebecca, Callan and me – Claudia) are super proactive about mental wellness and supporting a feel-good mood. We’re always on the lookout for supplements and habits to try, especially as new research emerges.

Whether you’re after holistic tips – or personal favourites to support everyday calm, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? These tips and personal favourites work well together too, making healthy habits even easier.

No matter what’s going on in your life currently, we hope these will be your guiding light – helping you cultivate calm amongst the chaos. Ready to get stuck in? Let’s go.

Callan’s best habit for calm: Deep belly breathing

Deep breathing has become my anytime, anywhere tool for supporting calm. Whenever things feel overwhelming, a few deep breaths into my tummy help me stay grounded. And when I give myself that presence and attention, I am filling up my cup, which allows me to keep showing up as my best self for my loved ones. It might seem too simple/good to be true, but I challenge you to try it for yourself. Next time you feel like things are moving too fast, slow it all down with a mindful, deep belly breath.

Maintaining calm is a necessity for thinking clearly. By practicing deep breathing, I can manage stress and approach situations with a more level head – especially important when caring for my little ones and showing them how to handle situations. I think staying calm is good for just about everything. I’m not sure many positive things have resulted from someone losing their cool, at least not in my own experience! When you have a daily practice that supports calm like taking deep breaths, you just feel better. And when you feel good, you can make the world a better place.

Doctor's Best L-Theanine With Suntheanine

Callan's best supplement for calm: Doctor's Best L-Theanine With Suntheanine

L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, is well known for its ability to support alpha brain wave activity, supporting relaxation without feeling sleepy. If I'm about to do some focused work, or would like to have a coffee without getting the jitters, L-Theanine is the first thing I reach for.

Doctor's Best L-Theanine with Suntheanine® Double Strength is a great choice if you’re considering a supplement for supporting calmness and relaxation. Suntheanine® is a well-studied form of L-theanine, making this product a standout when it comes to naturally supporting calm.

  • Supports zen-like focus and calm
  • Contains Suntheanine®, a well-researched and trusted form of L-Theanine
  • Suitable to take any time of day to support relaxation
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Claudia’s best habit for calm: Exercise & movement

Regular physical exercise is a key aspect of supporting mental wellbeing. Engaging in activities such as running, swimming, or lifting weights releases natural mood boosters called endorphins. Not to mention, movement activates the body's nervous system – supporting a healthy stress response.

When things feel overwhelming, I improvise spontaneous and simple movements like shaking, dancing or bouncing on the spot. Incorporating both structured exercise and/or spontaneous movement into my daily routine provides a holistic approach to stress management and my overall wellbeing.

If finding the time for regular exercise 4 times a week sounds too much, try incorporating spontaneous movement into your daily life. Start with a non-negotiable 5 minutes a day practice – to help support a healthy stress response and overall wellbeing. Consistency is key!

So, whether it's working out at the gym or having a dance party in your living room, prioritising movement is incredibly valuable for our physical and mental wellness.

Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium Energy & Stress

Claudia's best supplement for calm: Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium

Magnesium formulas differ from product to product, so it’s important to choose a high quality, absorbable form.

Not to mention, it provides our bodies with B vitamins, zinc and other important nutrients. A well-rounded, comprehensive formula for stress, energy and mental wellbeing support.

Mega Magnesium Energy & Stress by Ethical Nutrients provides a highly bioavailable form of magnesium glycinate - I especially like this formula to support calmness and relaxation. It can be used over time and includes adaptogenic herb Rhodiola for extra stress and cognitive function support.

  • Magnesium glycinate (Meta Mag®) providing 300mg of Mg per serve
  • Rhodiola extract for stress and mental clarity support
  • Day-to-night energy and sleep support
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Rebecca’s best habit for calm: Time spent in nature

I saw some interesting research showing that time spent in nature has a positive impact on overall mental wellness, including happy mood and calmness. It made sense to me as I feel completely at ease when I’m enjoying the sky, water, sunshine or plants outside.

That’s why my favourite daily practice for cultivating calm has been committing at least 10 mins a day (or the whole day if I can!) to spending time in my garden, at the beach, and/or on a native bush walk. And if it rains? I can still get my nature fix by gazing at the trees outside or my house plants, or giving my cats a good cuddle (if they’re in the mood).

When I’m doing it regularly, I generally feel more grounded, and I know my stress response is more balanced. It helps me feel calmer and more equipped to deal with whatever comes along. Like a wise man once said – life happens when you’re making other plans. Like Callan and Claudia, I’m also a big fan of deep breathing and exercise. I can only imagine the Zen master you’d become if you managed to do all 3 on the daily.

Radiance Ashwagandha Instant Calm

Rebecca’s best supplement for calm: Radiance Ashwagandha Instant Calm

There’s plenty of excellent research on kava for supporting calmStudies show that it supports healthy levels of calming neurotransmitters like GABA. It’s one of my favourite herbs, and in my experience, you don’t need to wait for it to build up for the calming support to kick in.

Being a natural introvert, I especially appreciate how kava makes me feel more relaxed and happier when socialising. And as a much appreciated bonus, I also get a deep sleep later that night. I love that it supports both relaxation and mental clarity – so I never feel tired or sleepy during the day, I feel relaxed and switched on.

  • Kava for when you need calmness ‘right now’
  • With adaptogen ashwagandha to support stress resilience
  • Easy to absorb liquid in a convenient spray bottle
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Take care of yourself

We hope you’ve found some gems that resonate and fit easily (and enjoyably) into your life. Here’s to feeling good from the inside-out, and to taking care of ourselves so we can feel our best.

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