8 surprisingly affordable supplements loved by our Naturopath

Affordable wellness that doesn’t compromise on quality? These 8 naturopath top picks offer pocket-friendly prices that your wallet – and wellbeing, are sure to thank you for.

Watching your budget? We all want something that does what it says on the label. And because these products deliver on their label claims – you’ll find they have excellent customer reviews too.

If you’re looking for a new naturopath recommendation to support your health goals – or a better value version of what you’re already taking – this list, with some of the best affordable supplements, is made for you.

What’s more, all the products below cost $1.33 (or less) per day – awesome right? Let's get into it.

Radiance Ashwagandha Stress Shield

Radiance Ashwagandha Stress Shield: Daily price: $1.12

Ashwagandha is a popular herbal supplement, known to support times of stress, or if you have a busy life.

Why we love it:

  • Covers lots of bases – mood, calm, energy, sleep support
  • Supports a healthy appetite and food cravings during times of overwhelm
  • Supports a healthy stress response - so your sleep and energy levels are on point
  • Mindful materials and eco-friendly packaging - aluminium is infinitely recyclable

"This is my favourite type of Ashwagandha to recommend and people always thank me for it."

Why it’s great value for money:

  • Highly researched KSM66 (patented ingredient) 
  • High concentration of ashwagandha root extract 
  • An all-rounder to keep cool and perform under pressure
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Clinicians Rejuvenate with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

Clinicians Rejuvenate with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid: Daily price: $1.33

Collagen supports skin elasticity, structure throughout the body and connective tissue formation - making this ingredient one of the best supplements for skin.

Why we love it:

  • Contains New Zealand marine collagen
  • Synergistic formula with added hyaluronic acid for skin moisture and astaxanthin for added skin health support
  • Budget friendly collagen supplement

I believe that a natural healthy skin appearance is the result of a consistent skincare routine and healthy habits. This is the perfect mix of ingredients for an added extra daily support.”

Why it’s great value for money:

  • Flexible dosing: take 2 capsules a day for 8 weeks, then reduce to 1 capsule daily 
  • Comprehensive formula: shown to support skin elasticity, plumpness and hydration 
  • Convenient, easy to take capsules for when you’re on the go
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BioBalance Vit D3 & K2

BioBalance Vit D3 & K2: Daily price: $0.25

In New Zealand, where sunlight exposure is limited for many months of the year, it’s important to ensure an adequate intake of  vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency or sub optimal Vitamin D levels affects about 30% of Kiwis.

Why we love it:

  • Vitamin D with K2 work synergistically to support bone health, cardiovascular function, immune health – the list goes on!
  • Improved absorption and D3 form for enhanced bioavailability
  • Delicious mango flavour

One single vitamin, so many benefits. Very easy to take & the nice flavour pleases everyone.”

Why it’s great value for money:

  • High dose one-a-day chewable tablet 
  • Vitamin D combined with K2 in a single tablet 
  • 2 months’ supply in one bottle
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NutraLife Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract

NutraLife Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract: Daily price: $0.46-0.92

Did you know? Garlic is great for supporting a healthy heart, and robust immune response.

Why we love it:

  • Supports a healthy heart, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Nourishing immune support
  • 100% organically grown garlic bulbs
  • No ‘garliky’ aftertaste

“Double benefit of cardiovascular and immune support. This has been a customer’s favourite for years.”

Why it’s great value for money:

  • Flexible dosing of 1-2 capsules daily 
  • Increased antioxidant activity found only in Kyolic®
  • Unique extraction process
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Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium

Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium: Daily price: $0.42-0.84

Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports many functions in our body, from muscle relaxation to a restful night’s sleep.

Why we love it:

  • Easy Magnesium form – with vitamin B6 to support the body to use magnesium efficiently.
  • PMS’ing? Magnesium offers great support during your cycle.
  • Best-rated customer reviews

Magnesium glycinate is my favourite form or magnesium: gentle on the stomach and easy for the body to use. A staple in my cupboard. It's a keeper.

Why it’s great value for money:

  • Contains high strength MetaMag® magnesium diglycinate.
  • All-rounded synergistic formula  
  • Daily dose can easily be increased in times of stress to 2 tablets per day
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BioTrace Relax Complete

BioTrace Relax Complete: Daily price: $0.39-0.78

During times of overwhelm, looking for extra support for your nervous system health, sleep and mood is important.

Why we love it:

  • Supports daytime calmness and a busy brain come bedtime
  • The combination of relaxing herbs with L-theanine make it a synergistic formula
  • No added ingredients

“Highly researched and traditional herbs paired with l-theanine in one capsule – a valuable support for a calm night when the mind is busy.”

Why it’s great value for money:

  • The ingredient combination optimise one another
  • Flexible dosing of 1-2 capsules daily
  • 100 capsules per bottle
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Clinicians Women's Hormone Support (DIM)

Clinicians Women's Hormone Support (DIM): Daily price: $0.73

DIM (Di-indolylmethane) is a substance that occurs naturally in cruciferous vegetables. DIM supports the liver in estrogen detoxification, as well as hormonal balance, premenstrual health and smooth menstrual cycles.

Why we love it:

  • Great for emotional support during PMS and menopause – calm and happy mood
  • Supports liver detox and normal estrogen levels

“DIM has been researched for over 25 years – many more people should know about it!”

Why it’s great value for money:

  • Provides natural support for healthy hormonal balance during different stages of life 
  • Suitable for long term use 
  • 45 days’ supply in one bottle
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Ethical Nutrients Extra C Zingles

Ethical Nutrients Extra C Zingles: Daily price: $0.40

Vitamin C supports various aspects of our overall health - including collagen production and antioxidant cell protection. This formula also combines zinc for optimal immune support and youthful-looking skin.

Why we love it:

  • Vitamin C and Zinc - two immune superstars in one
  • Chewable, great tasting tablet
  • Suitable for children over 5 (just half a tablet)
  • Available in two delicious flavours: berry and orange

“A yummy chewable tablet delivering 1000mg of vitamin C as well as 10mg of zinc a staple in my home!”

Why it’s great value for money:

  • High dose vitamin C 
  • Good dose of Zinc for extra immune health support 
  • Suitable for the whole family
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