Best of Naturals 2022 Food & Drink

Healthy foodie? You’ve come to the right place. Introducing our 2022 Best of Natural Awards Food & Drink winners. With over 30 brands entering multiple products each, our hands (& tummies!) were full and happy. The judges loved seeing so many products offering healthy ingredients as well as creating foods and drinks that delivered sensational taste and convenience. Choosing the winners was a tough choice given there were so many outstanding contenders, so settle in, it’s time to start salivating - your tastebuds will love these.

Mitchells Chocolate Bone Broth Protein Powder

Winner – Protein: Mitchells Chocolate Bone Broth Protein Powder

A rich source of essential amino acids, this protein collagen formula is the perfect choice for your daily smoothie.

  • Sourced from NZ grass-fed beef
  • Innovative tummy-friendly protein
  • Suitable for paleo or keto diets
  • 25gm protein per serve

What the Judges’ loved:

“This is a knock-out product with a silky texture and incredible taste!” Rachel Grunwell

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wildwood cinnamon cacao with cordyceps lions mane mushroom

Winner – Tea & Tonics: Wildwood Cinnamon Cacao with Cordyceps & Lion’s Mane

Using a delicious blend of ceremonial cacao, functional mushrooms, and spices, this tonic drink will enliven your day with goodness in a cup.

  • Sweetened with erythritol natural sweetener
  • Suitable for vegans or those following low carb diet approaches
  • A perfect 3pm pick-me-up

What the Judges’ loved:

“Love this! It’s nice to have a no sugar option for a hot cacao drink. Adding it to my morning coffee was also a fun way to get the awesome nutritional benefits of mushrooms and cacao.” Liz McNamara

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six barrel soda lemon honey ginger soda syrup

Runner up: Six Barrel Soda Lemon Honey Ginger

Judges loved this – it has the perfect amount of ginger. Great packaging and perfect as a hot, cold, or fizzy drink. Judges also loved that the lemons and honey are sourced locally.

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Tulsi Wellness Tea

Winner- Breakfast: Yum Cacao & Goji Berry Granola

An energising low-carb granola that’s an addictive combo of coconut, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, chia, and goji berries.

  • Delicious for breakfast or a snack 
  • Plastic free packaging and certified Climate Positive brand
  • Locally sourced hazelnuts and honey

What the Judges’ loved: 

“Chocolatey deliciousness! LOVE the packaging. The product delivers on gluten free, organic, no refined sugar, zero plastic packaging. Love the goji berries. These guys know how to make a knock out breakfast product.” Rachel Grunwell

Yum Cacao Goji Berry Granola →        

Tulsi Wellness Tea

Runner up: Yum Vanilla bean and almond pancake & waffle mix

Judges loved these light, fluffy waffles that were a good source of protein. They can be made into mini pancakes for kids or enjoyed by everyone on a Sunday morning. The tasty variety of nut and seed-based flours makes this a great gluten-free option.

Shop Yum Vanilla Bean and Almond Pancake Waffle Mix →        

Chia Sisters Gut Health Blueberry Superfood

Winner- Drinks: Chia Sisters Gut Health Blueberry Superfood

Not only a highly nutritious drink that delivers prebiotic fibre, omega 3, and minerals, but one that is a taste and texture sensation.

  • Aotearoa sourced ingredients
  • Great source of omegas
  • Super hydrating and a great source of fibre for good gut health.

What the Judges’ loved: 

“Love this brand. Chia Sisters are absolutely leading the way in running a purpose driven business and making very delicious and functional drinks.” Sara Corleison

Shop Chia Sisters Gut Health Blueberry Superfood →        

Little Bird Organics Good Nuts Cheesy Chipotle Cashew

Winner- Healthy Snacking: Little Bird Organics Good Nuts Cheesy Chipotle Cashew

Goodness in a snack. Activated cashews blended with delicious, organic ingredients with maximum flavour, energy, and protein to keep you going. Good luck stopping at one.

  • Cashews are soaked and dehydrated to optimise nutritional content
  • All natural flavours
  • Suitable for vegans

What the Judges’ loved: 

“Once you start these you won’t stop! Yummy!” Rachel Grunwell

Shop Little Bird Organics Good Nuts Cheesy Chipotle Cashew →        

Mamaku Pure Freeze-dried Blueberry Slices

Runner up: Mamaku Pure Freeze-dried Blueberry Slices

Judges loved that these could elevate your nutritional intake – adding to smoothie bowls, homemade granola, mocktails, muffins, or simply eaten on their own. Flavour sensations.

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Sujon Blackcurrant powder

Winner- Superfoods: Sujon Blackcurrant powder

One of the highest food-based antioxidants, blackcurrant powder has been found to support exercise recovery and is a great source of vitamin C.

  • Freeze-dried for optimal nutrition
  • NZ grown blackcurrants 
  • Add to smoothies or have on its own.

What the Judges’ loved:

“Delicious even when just mixed with water, no bitterness, just zingy blackcurrant goodness!” Liz McNamara

Shop Sujon Blackcurrant powder →             

Hemp Farm Kiwi Hemp Hearts

Runner up: Hemp Farm Kiwi Hemp Hearts

Judges loved using these in pancakes, on porridge and in salads and smoothies. They deliver a great protein punch and taste great.

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Drooling? Us too. Go on, time to spruce up your pantry and nourish your day with our 2022 Best of Natural Food and Drink winners.

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