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Renowned as the king of herbs, turmeric’s impressive antioxidant profile is here to support your joints, digestive wellbeing, and healthy stress response.

And when it comes to this mighty supplement, there’s plenty of ways to consume it. Let’s unpack our Naturopath turmeric top picks – from liposomal turmeric, turmeric gummies, turmeric capsules and more. Healthy, easy choices start here.

Why take turmeric?

Turmeric comes with a whopping plethora of benefits - it’s hard to find a single-ingredient supplement on the market that covers as many bases.

Traditionally, turmeric was used and loved for skin, respiratory and digestive health, however these days it’s a go-to supplement to support all sorts of wellness goals, including:

  • Healthy, comfy joints
  • Easy, regular digestion
  • All-round healthy aging
  • Healthy stress response
  • Healthy blood and circulatory system support

What about adding more turmeric to my cooking?

Culinary turmeric does offer some of the same benefits as turmeric supplementation and is a great alternative when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re looking for the support turmeric offers, supplementation gives targeted support - knowing the amount of active constituents in your turmeric (like curcumin).

What to look for in your turmeric supplement?

  • Ethical sourcing
  • Organic ingredients
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Paired with black pepper for better absorption

BioBalance Liposomal Turmeric Complex

1. Best turmeric for absorption: BioBalance Liposomal Turmeric Complex

  • Bioavailable, liposomal formula for rapid absorption
  • Great for joint, cellular health, and balanced immune response
  • Taken daily supports restful nerves and muscles for deep sleep

“Onto our second bottle. Lovely taste, and has helped ease joint pain.” - Catherine ★★★★★

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Solgar Turmeric Root Extract

2. Best turmeric capsules: Solgar Turmeric Root Extract

  • Packed by curcuminoids (bioactive compounds in turmeric)
  • Excellent for healthy joints and liver health
  • Easy 1-a-day capsule

“My aging joints love this product. I also drink Turmeric tea and the combo means I have more movement in the mornings and after resting than I have in years.” – Maree ★★★★★

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Nordic Naturals Curcumin Gummies

3. Best turmeric gummies: Nordic Naturals Curcumin Gummies

  • Provides 200mg of curcumin per dose
  • Excellent for healthy liver, gut and cardiovascular support
  • Delicious, sugar-free mango flavoured gummy

“It’s a great quality product at an affordable price.” – Duni ★★★★★

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Organic India Turmeric Formula

4. Best Ayurvedic turmeric: Organic India Turmeric FormulaSattava Soul Triphala & Turmeric

  • Unique blends for nourishing your gut
  • Organic ayurvedic herbal formulas
  • Added ginger and gooseberry

“So great to have a handy reliable immune blast from the gut … thankyou Turmeric and Organic India, reassuringly good.” – Christina ★★★★★

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Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Turmeric Tonic

5. Best turmeric tonic: Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Turmeric Tonic

  • Aloe Vera and Turmeric blend for optimal digestive support
  • High potency formula to soothe intestinal tract
  • Support for healthy balance of beneficial bacteria

“A very good way to add turmeric to your diet. And Aloe is always soothing on the stomach.” – Lou ★★★★★

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Radiance Osteoflex

6. Best turmeric for joints: Radiance Osteoflex

  • High-strength formula containing krill oil, green lipped mussel and turmeric
  • Excellent for joint health and mobility support
  • Certified sustainable by Friends of the Sea

“30 years of jogging are starting to take a toll on my knees. I have been taking krill tablets, but saw these tablets advertised in a magazine-and I'm so glad I did.” – Kim ★★★★

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